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    Again. You're mistaking 'absence of denial' with 'presence of confirmation'. Ever single one of your arguments so far are all around that mistake. If you'll just keep going on with that faulty premise and , I think no logic or common sense will be able to penetrate the thick walls you erected between your little island and the rest of the world.

    In other words, I am done with you. The Tinker, Demon Hunter and Chemist are impossible to happen in WoW, you know that, but you continue to argue using faulty logic. Common sense is useless against you, so argue against me all you'd like, nothing will change the fact those three classes won't happen without some severe butchering and maiming of many concepts in WoW.
    Funny enough, none are impossible. Demon Hunter is just a horrible idea because of it's overlap with existing classes. That's the only difference. Professions do not cause overlap as shown by Alchemy and Rogue Poisons, along with Cooking and Monk Brews.

    Just because you can't leave your own little world where, because you think it's impossible it must be impossible, doesn't mean it actually IS impossible in reality. Hell, while I think it'd be the stupidest thing they could ever do for the game, it's semi-possible that Demon Hunters could be their own class. They would just be a shitty, heavily-overlapping-with-Rogues-and-Warlocks player-hyped-and-quickly-dismissed-for-not-being-epic-enough class that only Illidan fanboys would ever play in the end. But still possible.
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    If a building's about to collapse, you can debate whether it's better to demolish it or repair it, and you can make political-agenda arguments either way. Disputing gravity itself to claim it won't fall down is not a political position, it's just ignorance.

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    First Time seeing this, All I see along the pages is a bunch of QQing, this is an awesome idea, very well thoughout, would be nice to see some sort of new class/race ! Kudos!

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    This has pretty much turned into 20 pages of fighting and bickering.

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