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    Used to be feral druid, but i haven't tanked as that in mop so i'll say warrior
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    DK, I love everything about it, from gameplay to theme. Monk grew on me but still not as fun as DK.

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    Monk, after 560 self heals get absolutly insane to the point where you could solo most raid bosses if it wasnt for things like adds and stacking debuffs

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    I don't always tank but when I do I choose Blood DK.
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    demo warlock with the tanking glyph hands down

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    Been a prot paladin since launch of TBC, so I guess my answer is obvious.
    Mostly due to the paladin's utility (which has changed somewhat over all those expansions). Nothing like saving someone's life with a well timed WoG or hands spell

    I have played warrior, DK and druid as tanks as well, out of those I enjoyed warrior the most (during WotLK).

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    Druid is by far my fav .
    been raiding my druids since early LK.

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    Which tank class is your favorite, and why?

    Where's the poll?

    I personally enjoy Blood Death knight and Paladin.
    Paladin a bit more because it somehow is more accepted to tank with

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    Paladin (because of the utility)>DK>warrior>monk>bear
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    1. Paladin - Was my first toon and will always be biased towards it. I feel that the typical tank is a sword and board class who wears plate. Paladins are my ideal hybrid tank that is a jack of all trades.
    2. Warrior - Very fun to play. High mobility, great defense.
    3. Monk - The play style is very interesting and I like it's design but it's at #3 because it doesn't fit my ideal view of what a tank should be. Some will hate this thought and that's fine.
    4. DK - Never liked my DK tank and will always be shelved.
    5. Druid - See #4

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    Warrior. Becuase it's just my class, no matter what spec. But aside from that i really like warrior style of tanking (especially now when i can go avodiance, more room for fuck up ).

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    I like the DK mostly because I love any class that can re-arrange the battlefield. There is nothing better than yanking every single caster into a tight bundle so they die quicker to your parties aoe or pulling a single mob to exactly where you need them instantly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SwizzleTweets View Post
    Which tank class is your favorite, and why?
    Only tried Paladin and Bear. I prefer Paladin.

    I am more comfortable pulling enemy towards me rather than charging into them.

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