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    It's one of the main reasons I left.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gamingmuscle View Post
    I doubt that is true. I suspect sub loss has more to do with declining accounts adds than anything else.

    To say there is less to do now vs Vanilla/BC is utterly ridiculous. I will say MoP doesn't force things like Vanilla/BC did.
    You know players, no matter what kind of, are always enjoying new experience. It doesn't matter how many things they can do in WOW, it matters only whether they can find what they want to do.A real playable content stands playing even you repeat it very often. But MOP doesn't have repetitively playable content to seize the customers. So, people unsubscribe one month after every patch release. One can definitly tell that there is something wrong with actual content which makes people bored so fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rda View Post
    Please note that in every single item you brought, Blizzard are in position to influence the situation heavily.

    Other games on the market? Do a better product.
    The game is old? It is you (Blizzard) who are keeping it "old" by sticking to the same old mantras ("raid or die", for one).
    People are attracted to consoles? Do a WoW-themed app for consoles???

    WoW is losing subs due to Blizzard making poor decisions and due to them being SLOW.

    "Oh, mommy, they don't buy my horse rides anymore, they all drive cars now..." And - "That factor was nonexistent back in earlier days." Pathetic.
    WoW-themed app? Make a suggestion.

    Do a better product? I can't. Because I think WoW is one of the best games there is, definetely the biggest. But that's not everyone's opinion.
    On the old part, well for example, I dont care for graphics, but some do.

    Btw, this isnt directed at you, but it's idiotic to say "well people sticked around in vanilla and BC". Sub loss means leavers>joiners, and in MoP there have been less people joining than back in Vanilla-Cata. For the reasons I mentioned.

    Mechanically and content wise, the game is far better than ever.
    Feeling, community, atmosphere-wise-those things may, nay were better earlier.

    I mean, dont't get me wrong, Wrath is my favorite expansion, but I think the game is still good-what it lacks in feeling, it makes up in stuff to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by judgementofantonidas View Post
    We had ahead of the curve. We were ten man and completely casual at the time we did so. You are saying that normal Heart of Fear which is completely irrelevant at this time is not easily puggable complete with 30% nerf and the ability to do it cross server?

    That is not casual that is just bad.
    It's not an option because the gear you get from it is completely useless and the raid itself is just straight up boring when you outgear it so badly. I really miss the BC model where you had to work your way up through kara > Gruul/Mag > SSC/TK. As a casual raider, I wouldn't mind not seeing the BT/Sunwell raids. I played in BC and while guilds were in Sunwell, I was in SSC/TK enjoying the content because it was still challenging and killing the bosses in there actually felt like an accomplishment. These days, the raids just feel so empty. Once you clear something, it will just be completely obsolete when the new patch comes out. I resubbed 2 weeks ago, when I quit, I had just cleared normal HOF/TOES/whatever the other raid was and killed a few bosses in ToT. In the 2 weeks ive been back, ive already gotten almost all the gear I need from SoO LFR and some flex. In two weeks of playing the game I'm already starting to get bored.

    If I had come back and this was BC, I would be looking forward to clearing ToT, maybe trying some hard modes and working my way to SoO. Now, ToT is just a faceroll and I will never get to experience it when it was challenging and I am stuck with the only raid that is an option for me.

    That is a reason why people like me are unsubbing... Everything just feels empty and there's no sense of accomplishment in raiding anymore when everything is just handed to you.

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