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I didn't realize "getting Flex 3 and 4 down" was even a thing, as if it's considered challenging or something... /shrug

As far as my post, it was more of a question of "if we're adding content to keep people busy, why do it for such a small portion of the playerbase?"

This has of course been answered in various ways in the thread, all of which make sense.

Personally, I've just started looking for a guild since returning and will have H Garrosh down by WoD whether it comes sooner or later, so that's not a concern of my in any way. Was mainly just a discussion, really.
Flex 3 and 4 are a significant jump from 1 and 2. While still a joke, it is harder than what many players can handle and wiht pug groups you never know. Most groups get stuck on Spoils or Thok, and for wing 4 Siegecrafter or Garrosh.