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    Atleast there aren't any hacked ranks on Warcraftlogs like WoL. Such as 20-30 secs fights, rogue casting frostbolts and critting for 10 M + . Priest doing 1 M hps on Norushen. There aren't even logs up yet for last 3 boses on heroic. And it is like 4 months into patch. I guess the new site will shit over WoL.

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    We had been looking at other sites to get away from WOL as well, trying even a Russian site ( that also did good work but I have to say that after using your new setup we are all super impressed.

    Keep up the great work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by krazyito65 View Post
    Quality always thrives on competition =D
    the truth. It's why capitalism has worked.

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    The replay feature is amazing, had my guild switch over to WCL few weeks ago.

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    I've been uploading to Warcraftlogs now for a few weeks. Replay alone makes it worth it and the rest seems pretty polished by now.

    One question though, is there a reason why the uploader takes a lot longer then WoL's uploader? My connection is good so WoL's updater takes about 10 sec total, but WarcraftLogs updater takes well over a minute. And that's on the exact same file.

    It's not a big issue, I'm mostly just curious.
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    While I can atest this site amazing, what I do NOT like about it is that it doesn't have a privacy statement. The application has full access to the Windows file system and an open internet connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    The ranks are probably one the fun things about logs and what people want the most. I tried to convince for years the people at WOL that they should implement rankings by server AND global, not only region and global. I remember they were interested but storing that information was the biggest issue.

    Problem is now, with the introduction of connected realms, it might be more difficult.

    Many people are more competitive at a server level than world rank, it would be an extremely popular feature to implement that IMO. A filter by server would probably be a good start.

    I will most likely do an account and post on the proper forums a few suggestions, as a former raid leader, I had my toughts about it, but the tools are really to check what people are doing, either to check what they are doing wrong if you are a raid leader, or what they are doing well if you want to improve.
    I have some code I wrote in Python that does this already. It uses WoL data at the moment and pulls data from any server you specify. I used to use it to find good performers in low ranked guilds to help with recruitment

    Pretty crappily written and only command line driven, but if you're interested, PM me and I'll send you the source (with instructions on how to use it).

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    I've been trying to figure out how to exclude parts of the fight, e.g. Siege Mode on Iron Juggernaut. I can exclude Assault Mode by filtering the Seismic Activity buff, but not the opposite; I don't see any way to do an opposite filter, and I'm not sure on how to use the expression editor like I could with WoL, yet. Anyone able to help?

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    Doesn't it work with the "only match if aura is <absent> on <source>" option?

    About expressions: Do you know the help page? The expression pin syntax is explained there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kihra View Post
    I checked in a bad regression into the pins code, and it was responsible for the slowdown yesterday. It's been fixed. The servers are actually holding up great.

    I'm actively working on Pins right now, so things may break with them. If you have a specific bug with pins please report it along with the steps to reproduce. Warcraft Logs forums are the best place for that, as I check there the most often.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Guild, character and realm pages will be coming for rankings. For now I'm working on finishing up Pins and getting the Expression Editor done though.
    Just wanted to come in and say great work on the site. I love combing logs and Warcraftlogs are amazing.

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