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    Why are most PvE video guides European?

    Just out of idle curiosity I'm wondering why the Europeans are so prolific at creating PvE guides in World of Warcraft while I almost never come across American ones. I am American, and a casual player, so I occasionally go to YouTube for PvE guides. In my experience, they are almost as a rule European. Is there just a stronger culture of PvE across the pond? (I see lots of American PvP videos.) Are European gamers just more helpful minded? Do they have more free time to produce high quality videos? All of the above? None of the above?

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    Maybe because the top 100 (who are usually the ones making guides) are dominated by Europe?

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    Most of the higher rungs ladder are taken by Europeans. There's just a difference between how NA and EU as a whole approach gaming, whether it be MMOs, shooters, or MOBAs.
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    Even blizzard said so,
    EU is more "Hardcore" then US is, and take these things alot more serious.
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