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    Variable raid size in normal this expansion?

    Any rumors of allowing a Flex style in normal mode prior to Warlords release?

    We have 11 people that want to raid together, and I can't help but wish Blizz would roll this feature out early. It seems easy enough, even the folks that are always negative and say something "would take to much time for Blizz" have a hard time defending it.


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    Flexible normal raids are a WoD feature. I wouldn't expect them to come to MoP raids.

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    Would be too much of a change for them to make at this late stage in MoP, and would affect the balance of Normal (you can bet it would need significant tweaking across the board to scale as smoothly as Flex does).

    "It seems easy enough" is easy enough for you to say, not knowing what making the change entails. I bet it's more than you'd think, altering an entire raid difficulty.

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    O that would be sweet. I wish they put it in last patch. That's the feature that's got me sold on WoD.

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