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    yes pls!!!

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    Though if they're going to fix the 40-man BGs, then they need to fix Battle for Gilneas, Horde get a pretty good advantage there.

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    How bout a 40 v 40 man where they drop you into a big pit with the 79 other people and its a last man standing. Maybe add a respawn count. Lots o lag, lots o AoE Spam, Lots o "What the hell is going on?", but I'd still que for it.

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    They need to balance the current 40 man BGs before they add another. As horde, I blacklist IoC and AV on all of my characters for obvious reasons.
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    yes, and they should have it so there are no objectives, you just jump in get into a battle, and leave when your ready. Just one huge battle zone. Only problem with that though is the botters would have a field day.

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    only if they leave the PvE objectives out of them (aka bosses) think of a IoC or AV where you have to defend and cap towers to decrease the enemys resources/points and There you have it ! a 40 man BG ( or 2 if they just remove the bosses in IoC and AV with some changes ofc) thats not just rush down to the enemy boss and maaaybe cap 1 or 2 towers

    Edit: maybe reduce the size a bit by cutting some outer parts that you can go to but serve no purpose

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    No. I'd like to see a BG that has a "Team Deathmatch" style to it.;

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    No thanks. I have Isle and AV on my ignore list.

    But I would welcome a new world PvP zone

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    40 man PvP BG AV style, and a Open World PvP zone that actually motivates people there... Come on... we need WPvP back...
    I'm completely fine of removing the arrows count, but I just can't stand watching my Hunter shooting arrows out... of no where?

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    Alterac Valley matches are PvP royalty of any MMO. Play the map correctly and you'll love having 40 vs 40 brawlfests on the cliffside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ticj View Post
    It seems like these days that the W/L ratio is starting to heavily lean in Horde's favor, as there are now a lot more 10-15 man BGs than 40-man.
    Is it time for a new one to be added?
    I would prefer for them to fix AV so that it can become a 3 to 5-hour battle. So may people don't have any idea how to play it properly, or to its potential.

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    Maybe when they fix the currently broken 40 man bgs then sure go ahead.

    AV right now is a zerg fest in which Alliance will always win due to design.

    IoC is also a zerg fest in which horde goes mid and hanger and alliance all zerg docks, in which the alliance always win too.

    And the lack of actual player vs player element going on in there where I might get 5 kills in each if i'm lucky.

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