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    I don't start threads I think I have started 3 in the 5 years I've been on here. I do feel some people make a lot of unnecessary threads and they do it with the intention of causing trouble.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Robles View Post
    Anonymity is something that turns humans into raging asshats.
    Aye, and labelling another person based on their nationality/creed/religion/sexual preference instead of understanding they are just a sack of meat like you does the same.

    The two combine on the internet like some frenzied bigotry carnal mating.

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    Can I just point out that anonymity works both ways.

    Yes, people can attempt to insult you when they lose an argument, but also MANY people use it as a way to portray an idealistic/plain bullshit image of themselves.

    The worst thing about mass internet usage/social media is that it convinces many people with mediocre/ill-informed opinions that the rest of the world actual give a shit about said opinions.

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