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  • Mimiron

    112 17.28%
  • Putricide

    38 5.86%
  • Sindragosa

    34 5.25%
  • Twilight Ascendant Council

    46 7.10%
  • Spine of Deathwing

    144 22.22%
  • Protectors(toes)

    2 0.31%
  • Dark Animus

    61 9.41%
  • Blackfuse

    110 16.98%
  • Paragons

    38 5.86%
  • others(post em)

    63 9.72%
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    Maybe not the toughest, but certainly the most nerve wrecking Bosses in MoP.

    Zor'lok Heroic, when he could still fly on the left Platform, 50% of all pulls were auto wipe.

    Spirit Kings Heroic, A WILD MENG APPEARS...TOO SOON.
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    Does Al'Akir count? he was the end boss of his instance but not of that tier ya? M'uru, Spine(25), Paragon(25), Al'Akir(25) all are worthy imo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frolk View Post
    Vaelastrasz the Corrupt, wiped more on that boss than any other boss i can remember, weeks on end
    Wait stop. Explain to me... were there even mechanics on that fight?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karlzone View Post
    Wait stop. Explain to me... were there even mechanics on that fight?
    yes. hardest of all
    random members getting a bomb so they have to move or else they will whipe the raid.
    hardest... fight... ever... 40man
    esp if your healing line got bombs and one failed to move. and took out 4 healers with him.
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    I remember doing AQ40 with pugs... Twin Bosses. I really tried to explain but there were always ~3 people that didn't understand. Or didn't care.

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    M'uru, for sure of non-bugged encounters unless we count Ouro pre-"nerf" as non-bugged (I don't really think that is fair though).

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