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    25N Garrosh - Empowered Whirling Corruption Help

    So we've been stuck on Garrosh for about 2 weeks, haven't had too many attempts in (maybe 20 or 30?), but the problem is that we've hit a brick wall and keep dying at the same place. We do things really well up until the Empowered Whirling Corruptions come out, and shit hits the fan. People die to the whirls itself, the adds are sometimes killed on top of each other, and they take too long to die. Obviously the solution is to do it better, but we just can't get it. Way too many people were dying to the whirl itself, so we had everyone stack and had healers use AoE heals and CDs, but then the adds would come up all clumped up and it'd be impossible to separate them and kill them fast enough.

    So what's the best way to do it? Should the group stack at a certain location for it? Do we AoE heal for a bit then spread out for adds? Do we just spread out right away and hope the healers can heal all of us?

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    Loosely spread in a designated spot, immediately attack adds when they spawn and draw them to an area clear of adds. Adds can be 1-2 shot by certain classes and no one should really be having trouble finding an empty area nearby. Kill them early, and often. It takes practice, for sure, and initiative... and wiping :P

    Healers should, of course, be using cooldowns and healing their balls off. Tanks should stop using all AOE and paladins should turn off RF.

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    Dying to swirls: Everyone needs to be moving with eyes open, mostly knowing what to watch out for (-> watch out for the purple swirls on the ground as an indicator). Classes with defensive cooldowns should use them during this time, even more so if they think they'll get hit. I assume you have at least one warlock: eat those healthstones!

    Adds being killed ontop of each other: Having tanks and everyone with taunts (paladins, dks, druids, hunters,...) should try to use those spells to split the adds more evenly. Also every dps should try to get the add that spawned at his location (so that not all dps nuke the same add or all adds). DO NOT AOE. If you get adds with 2 or more stacks, have tanks taunt them and/or stun them.

    Stacking at one point might be survivable, but is highly unrecommended. One point to mention: the general aoe damage (Without swirls) is lower, the further away you are standing from the boss, which means one tank should drag garrosh AWAY from the raid. That tank needs to use a personal cooldown (DK tank with AMS works great for that) or needs to have a healer in range. Try spreading around a certain point and moving as a group in one direction (e.g. start +- 10 yards around the throne, when the whirl starts move to the left as a group so noone should get hit.
    Here is a video from my guild's firstkill, I know it is on 10man but the idea should be applicable to 25man as well: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EpS4P...QAV0Eg9f#t=436 (If the link does not bring you at the right moment, you can see what I am describing around 7:15)

    I do not know how many healers you use, but be sure to have a cooldown up for every whirling corruption (Auramasteries and warrior shouts are great, dk's AMZ works alright for the first 3seconds before you have to move).
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    We use a Monk tank to kite the adds, as do a few 25 man guilds. It can be a 3 tank tactic, or a 2 tank tactic if you've got another tank that can handle the boss (e.g. DK) for the rest of the fight. Just make sure no one accidentally grabs aggro or kills an add.

    For the Whirling corruption itself, we normally cover it with a warrior shout or Paladin Aura + Smoke Bomb. Melee+healing standing on the boss, ranged dps at their ranged spot. Loosely spread out, or they'll die to the small purple swirls when the adds appear.

    Here is our first Kill Vid:

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    We banged our heads on the wall on the same thing for 3 weeks until we came up with a strat that worked for us (also 25N) a couple of months ago. WE tank boss in middle for all of phase 2 and 3, with the usual range group run in for MC and out for desecrated weapons. for the empowered whirls specifically:

    In 25m you have tons of taunters (most melee +hunters +pala healers + boomkins, etc, etc) so we have melee stay on the boss for the empowered whirls, using big raid CD's on them (barrier or tranq or smokebomb or AMZ or priest hymn or any combination of them that works for you + a pala devo aura) then as soon as it ends we assign 5 spots around outside of inner circle and have 5 taunters run to a specific spot and taunt an add each and along with 1 or 2 assigned range dps kill their add only. This ensures they never die close to each other and power up.

    If 2 people taunt the same add (it happens fairly often as adds are random) just dont panic wait for taunt to come off CD and taunt another one, if 2 adds come to one person then again just dont panic and dont kill one until the other is taunted away.

    It is ESSENTIAL that the melee and range and tanks DO NOT aoe during the 10 sseconds of whirl and pala tanks toggle off righteous fury or their EF ticks will rip aggro on eveything. oh and the tanks take the 2 that the 5 don't taunt which can then be aoe'd by the players till on the boss

    We found this tactic worked flawlessly for us, just saying loose spread and kill them apart was chaos so assigning specific people to do it works much better.
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    Hmm, thanks for all the advice, we'll try that next raid and hopefully get past that part!

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