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    return to wow for pvp but need help

    my friend play a resto pvp shaman i have all char at lvl 90 i wanna try whit u the 2vs2 wich char work's great whit resto shammy and wich spec


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    Any work great with a R-sham if you know how to play it and have the gear, Just play what you want to, what you find more fun.
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    Hijacking your thread a bit since it seems it's answered.
    I was wondering what class I should play, i'm also coming back to WoW after 2 years.
    My goal is to just have fun in BGs and arena, I'm looking for a melee dps class.
    Was thinking about Feral druid, DK and rogue.. maybe a monk?
    What do you guys think of these clases and what would be the best? What is the strongest class?
    In cata I really enjoyed my Frost dk and rogue, the DK because he had the ability to pretty much 1v3 and 2v5 with a resto friend.

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