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    Glyph of sacrifice is only good in the higher ilvls, definitely go with superiority for the CMs. Destro ftw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kamswow View Post
    GoSac doesn't add the damage to fire and brimstone which you will be using on this big trash pulls
    Oh, didn't know that. Kind of settles it then I guess!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Weep View Post
    Glyph of sacrifice is only good in the higher ilvls, definitely go with superiority for the CMs. Destro ftw.
    sac doesn't affect FnB modified spells, but it does add to your sburn damage, which allows your group to move onto the next pack while you clean up the mostly-dead pack with fnbincin+tab-sburns. Sup only adds a flat % to your pet damage. If you are cleaning up packs with sburn, it will be ~40-50% of your dps on those packs - your pet will be 5-10%?

    Single target, for bosses etc, sup would be ahead, but the biggest deal is how fast you clear through the trash? If the boss is a significant portion of the timer, you can swap glyphs with a one-button macro, then pop flames of xeroth - which would be the best of both worlds I guess.
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    Destro with GoSup or GoSac depending on the instance is what I did. They're close enough that if you're a decent lock you won't really need the extra DPS on Bosses/Trash respectively, I just used GoSac in places that had invis mostly ot make it simpler, or when my pet would have pulled things we didn't want pulled.

    Destro is definitely the top CM spec. Demo does alright - but with the recent buffs, destro has excellent aoe with FNB and good Boss DPS too.

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    I did CMs on my warlock using GoSac and KJC for all CMs and ended up doing upwards of 80-100k on most bosses where i didn't have CD on my Int pot. GoSac has the extra benefit of not having a stupid pet that needs to be dismissed and resummoned in some CMs. I would defintely do it with GoSac again rather than using GoSup even if it's maybe a 500-1k DPS increase at that iLvl. Unless you are going for a realmbest time, go with GoSac. For weapon I'd suggest the heirloom staff from Garrosh (any difficulty) just for the extra socket. I don't think the extra socket that can be applied to T14 and T15 weapons work in CMs.

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    It does work.

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    Another vote for destro + GoSac. It's just too good for CMs.

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    This is Zerow from Emerald Dream. Can't prove it or even link armory b/c rarely post here but there you go for reference. Some of US top 100 times. Still workin on it.

    1) GoSac :
    Start a boss fight with 4 burning embers and pop Dark Soul. Watch the Chaos bolt dot tick hit like the Titanic.
    Yea, this doesn't buff FnB. But when there's 4/5 targets and you switch from Havoc Cbolting to pure FnB AoE, guess what, your pet becomes a smaller % of your damage to begin with.
    Havoc Shadowburning: This is gigantic if you get really quick at it. Obese damage, make sure you got tidyplates to change colors of your plates when the mobs hit 20% or lower health. Can blast a high health mob and 3 lower health ones, snipe x3 and smash big one under half easily in 3 seconds.

    2) Archimonde's Vengeance.
    Yeah, KJC is just fine for golds. If you want to push more times, try taking this. You can always keep it on cooldown i.e. use it on trash when you get 2 charges and always have a charge up for a boss. Keeping DS always charging is an increase in DPS over course of whole dungeon. And save conflagrate casts for when you are moving during trash. And don't forget you can put up ROFire while moving. This is minmaxing. Remember: you can't cast AOE Incinerate while moving. This is what really threw me off of KJC since 5.4.

    3) Make sure you stack intellect gems and reforge Mastery>Haste>Crit. Relic of Yulon and Light of Cosmos will be your best trinkets.

    Eh. I typed this because my server was down but glad I did it, best of luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zerowe View Post
    This is Zerow...
    3) ...Relic of Yulon and Light of Cosmos will be your best trinkets.
    Is there an argument to be made for the Flashfrozen Resin Globule? With a higher int proc and on-use capabilities, not to mention the fact that LoC only procs off periodic damage (read: Immolate and probably the Chaos Bolt dot if you're spec'd GoSac), I'd think that this is a pretty good contender as well. Probably easier to get, too.

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    It's a numbers/min max game. If you pop onto wowhead and open up LoTC, FRGlobule, and Static Caster Medallion with Cmode checkbox on you basically get this
    LOTC: 847 haste 920ish int
    FRG: 847 hit 700ish int
    SCM: 847 haste 700ish int

    LOTC has a very fat uptime %. Trash dips does matter and you'll see upwards of 40% uptime depending on the time between the trash pulls themselves. I have considered using SCM before, for opening those DS+4 chaos bolts on a boss like an even bigger titanic. However, most the time you'll have either LOTC or Relic Yulon active anyways or only have to wait 5-10 sec for it to proc while pulling a boss.

    As for the concern regarding proc rate, I can promise you it will proc on ICD cooldown or within 3-4 seconds of it getting off CD.

    Lol, as for easier to get you are probably right. You don't want to know how many times I've run Elegon LFR on literally 10 cmode alts to get LOTC or the agility equivalent, Bottle of inf Stars which is also a very fat uptime %. Having to get up to LFR ilvl and then getting a key of lei shen to run Trove of thunder king for 15 or so elder charms. Good times. Don't forget, if FRG doesn't drop your first Nizao run of the day you have to wait for tomorrow.

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