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    Someone should do this on a high pop heavily opposite faction dominated pvp server. In one sitting. With zero gear. With no spells.

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    The hardest would likely be an arcane or fire mage, oddly enough. Especially if you don't choose Night Elf. You have very little self-healing available, your "get out of death free cards" don't really save you from whatever group of quest mobs or dungeon boss the tank already died to when it comes down to soloing with your ice shield on CD, and you are a clothy without +armor or noticeable passive damage reduction.
    Gone until the next expansion.

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    Just do the Iron Man challenge. Do it and don't pick a hunter >

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    White/grey gear pfft. Naked using only auto attack. That is the real iron man challenge.

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    goodluck in hellfire peninsula

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    Not saying it's not hard, but it does become easier when you just decide to grind mobs in safe locations and do it on a PvE realm. I know it's really unrealistic to not get killed on a PvP realm, but it's pretty easy to stay safe on a PvE realm.

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    I made it to 37 doing that in cata. I got super bored with it cuz not only level so slow but you but you cant even pull more then a 1 mob at a time cuz you get overwhealmed

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    i freely admit that leveling is probably one of the most enjoyable things i like to do in games but doing something like the ironman challenge just doesnt appeal to me. to each their own though, good luck!
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    tried doing something like this but with no killing at all, so was just lvling via mining/herbing. also tried this back in cata but got bored and never finished lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by wych View Post
    Yeah it's been done a lot already.

    I remember a guy back in I think it was WOTLK who did it as a troll without even using weapons or quests IIRC
    By "a lot" you probably mean "not quite as often as killing HM Garrosh."

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    Can't you just do it with pet battles now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Normie View Post
    By "a lot" you probably mean "not quite as often as killing HM Garrosh."
    considering how hard, lengthy and useless this challenge is, I'd say 4 people in the world doing this is already a LOT lol

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