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  • Unholy

    0 0%
  • DW Frost

    1 50.00%
  • 2H Frost

    1 50.00%
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    Talking So Unholy now better than DW Frost (PVE)?

    With the new changes in 5.4 Unholy is within around 2% of DW Frost, 2H Frost in the sims (i.e Patchwork style boss).

    But Unholy does a tone more AOE damage right? Also ontop of this most fights are not patchwork style and normally have allot of movement and adds. So in reality for raiding would Unholy now ahead of Frost in most fights?

    Could be wrong, what are your thoughts. I expect allot of people here "tested" unholy by just specing into it without reforging/gemming and found it did less (because they were not optimal) or they just hit training dummy and again it did less. But those raiding in Unholy and Frost what do you think?

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    I dunno frost dw is pretty boss on aoe. That said I havent tested unholy all that much since cata.
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    Don't really need another thread on this topic. See this existing thread regarding the buffs or this blog post for information as to the effect of each buff.


    Blog Post:

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