View Poll Results: Which race is your Shaman and which race is your Paladin?

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  • I play a Shaman (Draenei)

    71 27.73%
  • I play a Shaman (Dwarf)

    40 15.63%
  • I play a Shaman (Goblin)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Orc)

    50 19.53%
  • I play a Shaman (Tauren)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Troll)

    33 12.89%
  • I play a Shaman (Pandaren)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Draenei)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Dwarf)

    23 8.98%
  • I play a Paladin (Human)

    86 33.59%
  • I play a Paladin (Blood Elf)

    88 34.38%
  • I play a Paladin (Tauren)

    33 12.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Create View Post
    Dwarf and Dwarf. Because Dwarfs.
    Enough said!

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    My shaman are Pandaren. Mostly because I like the casting animation and their design, but might race-change when new models come, interesting to see. :>

    While my paladin is a Draenei, always liked them because they are such different race, not a regular elf or dwarf that is common in most fantasy settings. So going to be fun to see more of them in WOD for sure.
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    I play a dwarf shaman because dwarves are always some of the best races in any fantasy medium. Dwarf shamans are just badass.

    I don't play paladins because they are BORING

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    Shaman's a Draenei, since that was the only option available at the time. Might change it to Pandaren soon.
    Paladin's a Dwarf. I tried a couple of Human ones over the years and never really liked them. Then the class changed enough that in Cata I levelled the dorf.

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    Goblin shaman because for some reason, the idea of a goblin going against the grain and respecting nature tickles me.

    Paladin is a belf because it was my only choice at the time!

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    Orc shammy and a Tauren pally that used to be a Dwarf.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tirilka View Post
    Draenei and Draenei, because Draenei.
    Same with the priest/mage/hunter. Pandas? (demoman's voice) Ahhh nooooooooo.
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    Horde (My main faction): Orc Shaman because they're iconic. Blood Elf Paladin because I made her as soon as they became available and that was the only choice. I would probably stick with Blood Elf even now, though; I love Tauren but they just don't look right.

    Alliance: Draenei Shaman because I love her look. Human Paladin because that just seems a classic choice.

    To be honest - and I guess this makes me old-school or just picky or something - Paladins on Horde side and Shaman on Alliance side still don't look right to me =P

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    Dwarf shaman. Because dwarfs are awesome sauce.

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    Dwarf shammy and human pally
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    Both Tauren because that's all I play, apart from a belf hunter and warlock, and a worgen rogue for the sake of having one because she rocks-socks.

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    Human (male) Paladin and Draenei (female) Shaman, also have a goblin (female) shaman that I haven't played as much.

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    My main (paladin) is currently human, but I've been Tauren, Dwarf, and Draenei in the past. I ultimately kept myself as human because it was a good mix of looking good in armor and on mounts. I have an alt paladin that is Draenei as well. My only shaman is an Orc. Started out as a name holder, but I started playing it out of boredom and had some fun so I kept it.

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    My paladin is a blood elf. A lot of my toons are blood elves, but race changing in the future may be possible given the new character models. I play mostly horde, but if I were alliance my paladin would probably be draenei.

    As for shaman. Well, I've never played one. If, one day, I decide to roll one and assuming I'm rolling horde: Probably troll or pandaren. Alliance, again, would be draenei.

    Why? Aesthetics, mostly. Though, it's not what I'm most concerned with. But these classes have limited race availability, and I would never play a goblin or dwarf, and I simply don't like the current human models.

    Edit: Just want to add; I think tauren are great and all, but I don't think I would really ever see myself playing them. No reason, really. Just not very interested in playing one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SwizzleTweets View Post
    And what drew you to become the specific race for your Shaman and Paladin?
    Orc Shaman and Blood Elf Paladin. And I think the reasons are pretty obvious. Blood Elf Paladin was the only option on Horde side at the time. And Orc is the most notable Shaman race.

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    Male belf paladin on EU, fembelf on US.

    I've never levelled a shaman past 20 or so and I can't remember its race. ;_;

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    Well I have a lot of toons so here we go....

    On the Alliance side my Shaman is a Draenei.
    I loved the short story Unbroken and it really made fall in love with the Draenei's connection to shamanism even though it is a trait that feels far more at home with the broken than the Draenei themselves. I also have a lot of Dwarves so it was nice to mix things up. If however with the new models we are able to make Wildhammer Dwarves I will race change him to one immediately as I feel the Wildhammer Dwarves have much stronger connection to the elements than a regular Draenei would.

    For my Horde Shaman I chose an Orc as I loved their story of shamanism and how they lost reclaimed it through their story and I also like Thrall (Well WC3 Thrall). Out of all the Horde races I feel they have one of the most in depth and persistent stories when it comes the them and shamanism.

    Now for my Paladins .

    My Alliance Paladin is a Dwarf. They look great for starters and Dwarves are my favourite race. I also like the Silver Hand much more compared to say the Vindicators. I wouldn't say Dwarves are steeped in Paladin lore as much as I would like but as part of the Silver Hand they do have a lot of background fluff from the organisation.
    Atm this Paladin is my main toon.

    The race i chose for my Horde Paladin was a Blood Elf. Initially this was before Tauren could play Paladins so it was a no brainer anyway at the time. Blood Elves are my favourite Horde race in terms of lore (Although I prefer other races aesthetics more) which is what I like when choosing a race, the Blood Knights also have quite a lot of lore from TBC what with Liadrin and the re-ignition of the Sunwell. While I under stand the reasoning for Tauren Paladins they just don't feel any where near as legit as a Blood Knight does especially when the lore of the two is compared.

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    Been playing a male Draenei Shaman since I started back in TBC, and it has been my main since
    Also got a Dwarf & Draenei Paladin I level once in a while.

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    My Paladin is a human because rep.. and my Shaman is a Dwarf because archeology

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