View Poll Results: Which race is your Shaman and which race is your Paladin?

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  • I play a Shaman (Draenei)

    71 27.73%
  • I play a Shaman (Dwarf)

    40 15.63%
  • I play a Shaman (Goblin)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Orc)

    50 19.53%
  • I play a Shaman (Tauren)

    19 7.42%
  • I play a Shaman (Troll)

    33 12.89%
  • I play a Shaman (Pandaren)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Draenei)

    36 14.06%
  • I play a Paladin (Dwarf)

    23 8.98%
  • I play a Paladin (Human)

    86 33.59%
  • I play a Paladin (Blood Elf)

    88 34.38%
  • I play a Paladin (Tauren)

    33 12.89%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Back when I had a horde, it was a tauren pally. Now, I have a human pally and a dwarf shaman, because both just seem right for the class. No other ally race is as grounded as dwarfs, and human is the iconic knight crusader.

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    Orc Shaman and Human Paladin

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    This poll confuses me. The only options are dwarf and, if you must be horde, tauren, yet I see people choosing all this other random fluff.

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    Both Alliance. I have a Draenei Shaman and Human Paladin. I rolled the Paladin back in Classic, because my guildies and I thought it would be fun to create level 1 characters and duel each other with them one night. The Paladin went on to become one of my more serious alts and one of the only characters besides my main to consistently get level capped in each expansion.

    The Shaman was just "oh shit, gonna try Draenei out now!" when BC came out. She was fun enough that I got her to level 70, but I haven't played her in a long time.
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    Paladin = Human + Blood Elf
    Shaman = Draenei
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    I play a Pandaren Shaman, for the sole reason of its racial. If not than I would be a Tauren Shaman.

    I don't have a Paladin, but if I did it would be a Tauren.

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    Tauren Shaman
    Dwarf Paladin
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    My main has been a human paladin since classic release. If i could choose again with the current options i would choose human paladin.

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    After I've deleted a few (which I didn't want to level up to 90) it's

    a goblin shaman
    a bloodelf paladin
    and (currently levelling) a tauren paladin
    I don't count my dwarf paladin (~lvl 30)I haven't touched for like years xD
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    My Shaman is a Draenei, I made him in TBC, while my Paladin is a Dwarf who is from Vanilla.
    Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have done it the other way around in Cata

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    Human paladin- original paladin order, ultimate symbol of the Alliance.
    Draenei shaman- best / only fit for some time as an Alliance player.

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    Goblin Shaman because I wanted a Goblin and I didn't have a Shaman.
    Blood Elf Paladin because Blood Elf.
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    My paladin is a Blood Elf, since I hate the tauren animations and my shaman is a troll, simply beacuse I already have lots of orc toons so I just decided to choose a different race this time.

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    Woops, I forgot to check draenei shaman, only checked pandaren shaman and blood elf paladin.

    I have two shamans. The pandaren shaman started out as a tauren and then was turned into a troll and is now a pandaren. The draenei shaman was always draenei. The blood elf paladin used to be a draenei paladin.

    I choose my races mostly for aesthetics.
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    Tauren Shaman and Human Paladin

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    Alliance side, draenei shammy, dwarf pally. horde side, double-tauren.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yig View Post
    Wildhammer dwarfs are certainly the hawt shit as shaman. I should not have left them out.
    I race transferred my Draenei to Dwarf as soon as it was available. Will do the same once Wildhammer skins are released.

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    This poll confuses me. The only options are dwarf and, if you must be horde, tauren, yet I see people choosing all this other random fluff.
    Good answer.

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