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    To be honest, I've been on three servers the last month, and all of them have much more activity compared to August/September.

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    I have 1300-1500 queue on some nights, so they must have lost a looooot of subscribers...

    I'd say it's probably down at most 200k

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    I would say up to 500k. Q4 is during the holidays and normally there's less of a sub loss during that time due to people being off work/school and subs being paid for as gifts.

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    I'm hoping it down millions, but I don't expect a big decline. Its Q4 after all. It takes an epic disaster to lose a lot of subs in Q4.

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    Honestly, it shouldn't be down by too much from the last time and might actually be up.

    Now, next quarter if they still haven't released WoD (Dragon Soul 2: Garrosh Woop Woop Woop) they'll be down at least a million if not two.
    Gone until the next expansion.

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    Annual pass 2.0 and sub loss/gain is my predictions with beta a week after with just the starting zones, either beta or 5.4.7 being out. Which means content, and other stuff.
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