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    Declining sub numbers-which face it, largely are due to the sheer age of the game, nothing stays on top forever-are harped upon because they validate the dislike a person has for a particular aspect of the game. Even if the aspect of the game has nothing to do with sub drops, or they present ideas that are on their face absurd. ("WoW is too casual friendly, that's why people are leaving" has been raised as a reason why people stopped playing, and if you can't see the problem there...)

    Essentially, the sub loss serves as a validation of their bone headed theories.

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    - People that hate the game and want it to fail
    - People that love the game and want it to be healthy and big
    - People that just happen to be interested in various things for no passionate reason

    Of course the rabid ones are from the first category, predicting the death of WoW every day, while at the same time mentioning the "reasons" why the game is "shit" now compared to the "golden age" of vanilla or TBC, in every thread, regardless of the subject

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    Pro tip OP: Less subs means less players and this is an mmo.

    You can take the typical swtor zealot approach and tell the world "it doesnt matter how many subs it has as long as im having fun!" with your fingers in your ears till you are blue in the face. However if it reaches the point on your server where your capital city is a ghost town then you may be surprised that in a massively multiplayer game the less players on your server the less of a good time you have.

    Crazy i know.
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    Hello, I just thought I'd give my perspective.
    Spoiler for those who don't care about my life story
    I didn't play the game for very long in the scheme of things: my first shot at the game was the summer where TBC came out. I was only in it for a month, largely because it ran quite poorly on the laptop I had at the time. A year later (after sunwell was released), two of my friends encouraged me to try again, and got really into it. I played the game a lot (although less than the friends who encouraged me to join), and just missed getting my mage to 70 before the nerf that came with the pre-patch for WotLK . I played in a guild with my friends, although I knew no one else in it. I was pretty mediocre, all things told (had some trouble staying out of the fire); but as it was the end of the expansion no one cared much. I only ended up doing a few raids, mostly Karhazan and Zul Aman, although I did come along once for Tempest Keep. I was really exited for WotLK, and managed to 80 fairly quickly. Unfortunately, I did very poorly in school that first term due to playing WoW so much, so I dialed back my play time for the next semester. I still played a lot, but I found myself not brought to many guild runs, so I mostly did dailys, played Heroics (which I enjoyed), and PuGed Vault of Archavon and Naxx. I was getting tired of only running spider wing (I don't think I ever made it to Kel'Thuzad), and after I realized that I wasn't going anywhere, I quit.

    I tried to join in again a year later (still in Wrath), paying for a server transfer as well, but I couldn't keep my interest for more than a week when I realized that I was just doing the same thing. I tried to use the rest of the month to level a new character, a druid healer. I liked it enough, and I was certainly more efficient this time around, but the magic of the first time wasn't there. I also found that the RDF had ruined dungeoning, with people far too willing to leave and the dungeons completely separated from the main game (going to the eastern Kingdoms just to get the mallet for Zul Farrak was one of my favourite memories of leveling the first time). I didn't re-up, and I haven't played since.

    TLDR: Haven't played since WotLK, and didn't play a huge amount before that.

    So, with that all of that useless backstory out of the way, why do I care about declining subs? At first, it was me just continuing the habit of checking on WoW news to see if there was anything which would draw me back. After the news of sub drops started to trickle in, I did take it somewhat as a vindication of my opinion of the game (although I know there's no way of knowing what the reason for it was). After that?


    Not the most dignified answer, although I don't just mean in the sense of a man slipping on a banana peel. There's something fascinating about a titan like WoW slowly going downwards, the video game equivalent of the Fall of Rome in the west. Although I think that metaphor can be stretched some to raise an interesting point. I don't think either is/was in any way inevitable (the discussion on Rome is very off topic, so lets just say it was a series of poor decisions and rotten luck over the course of the fifth century). To take an example from the game I switched to after WoW and is still my preference, Magic: the Gathering turned 20 this August, and is having its best year ever. This was after a long decline from 2003 to 2008, so I don't buy it that WoW is somehow doomed to ever shrinking sub numbers. It just needs a shaking up, and its perfectly possible to do better than it ever did in the TBC/WotLK days. What that shake up is? I don't know, but its certainly possible.
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    it allows ppl to think they're justifying their endless complaints, even tho, in the history of every mmo, subs decrease over time, its really more about the rate of decrease, and that's what makes wow so impressive and last as long as it has.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bormes View Post
    it allows ppl to think they're justifying their endless complaints, even tho, in the history of every mmo, subs decrease over time, its really more about the rate of decrease, and that's what makes wow so impressive and last as long as it has.
    Again, why must an MMO decline? Is WoW really doomed and their's nothing Blizzard can do about it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoonman View Post
    well i belive more subs equal more content? As more cash means more output?
    not necessarily, the development budget is set and all revenue above that and other overhead is profit. more sub equal more profit but not necessarily more content, unless the company feels that sub losses are causes profit to drop in which case they invest MORE money into development to prop up subs, thus dropping subs can lead to more content.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Magic Pancake View Post
    Again, why must an MMO decline? Is WoW really doomed and their's nothing Blizzard can do about it?
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