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    Killed a bunch of people at ordos to the point where i got chased by like 10 with a couple healers mixed, being a WW monk i could escape outside the wall but they followed. So i used the mobs to kill them all, the rage that ensued was amazing.

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    As someone who's about 2/3 of the way there, I have to say I find it quite laughable how upset people will get over PvP on a PvP server.

    I suspect from the image that you're a ranged, what a cheat compared to us who can't use the diving helmet and camp the flightpoint....
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    This makes me wish I had actual pve gear on my chars, I only pvp when I play wow. I would so be doing this.
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    Got someone pretty angry today just from killing him, he said he was going to get his GM friend to ban me

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    Quick question.
    What exactly is a "blood faggot"?
    Do people like open up word randomizers these days to think of insults? I mean I guess it refers to the coins but still.

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    This is so wonderful, makes me want to go there and slaughter all the PvE players but too bad you have a disadvantage in PvP if you do PvP exclusively.

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    You're my hero! I hope they bring back FoA pvp in some capacity for WoD.
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    You know what happened when i started playing in TBC in 2.1 and rolled ret as my first char? Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret , Lol ret You know what i was saying in a few months? Lol hows kara? Then I cleared BT/SW while they followed behind me sniffing my gloriously rosey turds.

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