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    Gemming Question-assassination/Combat

    So I'm currently specced Assassination as I currently do not have an AoC of any kind. I gemmed for Haste to try out combat when I got Garrosh's Heirloom Axe, but ultimately went back to Assassination for raiding normals. I was going to just swap my haste gems for mast. gems, but I'm seeing a lot of rogues gem strictly for AGI after hit/exp cap.

    Now every time I input my char. into shadowcraft (which keeps telling me to put more into exp. even after exp. cap) or ask mr. robot, they keep telling me to gem into mastery or haste.

    So bottom line is, what values should I input into either to get hit/exp cap, with proper gemming/re-forging.

    Thanks in advance for any help, I hope I was clear, although I fear I was not.


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    I imported your char into Shadowcraft. This is what came out:
    Kelmor - Mal'ganis

    Hit fine, Exp fine. Gemming Agi. Where's the problem? Maybe you selected the wrong specc?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nalira View Post
    I imported your char into Shadowcraft. This is what came out:
    Kelmor - Mal'ganis

    Hit fine, Exp fine. Gemming Agi. Where's the problem? Maybe you selected the wrong specc?
    Ok figured it out. Hmmm haste gems, that's seems off?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelmor View Post
    Ok figured it out. Hmmm crit strike gems, that's seems off?
    Assassination secondary stat values float between each other depending on various factors... Yes, sometimes crit is better.

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    2set bonus, makes crit better - stats for assa juggle a lot depending on your gear; usually you tend to have a balance of them if you follow ShC recommendations.

    Anyway, a full mastery reforge/regem is still a solid strategy and the theoretical dps is just a little bit lower.
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    I think I'll stick with ShC's reccomend. for now as my gear increases week to week. Still feel like my expertise is a bit high, I'll change things when I get home, thanks for the help.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still puts my hit at over 8%, seems a bit high.

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    It looks like you're reforged completely out of hit. You just have too much on your gear. Replace your VP trinket as soon as you can.

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    Okay, finally got an AoC to drop and moved back to combat. Now ShC is telling me to reforge to over 9% expertise, this can;t be right. Any help would be great.


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    Head: MasteryRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Neck: MasteryRating -> HitRating
    Shoulders: MasteryRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Back: CritRating -> HasteRating
    Chest: MasteryRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Wrists: MasteryRating -> HitRating
    Hands: MasteryRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Waist: HitRating -> HasteRating
    Legs: CritRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Feet: HitRating -> ExpertiseRating
    Ring1: CritRating -> HasteRating
    Ring2: CritRating -> HasteRating
    MainHand: CritRating -> HasteRating
    OffHand: CritRating -> ExpertiseRating
    This is what I see. 2558 Expertise and 2653 Hit
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    Figured it out, thanks.

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