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    The levelling process is not fun for new players.
    The teaching it should be offering is killed by the community and the "Go, Go, Go!" attitude where everything has to be as fast as possible.
    Is it then any wonder that blizzard are offering a way to skip much of that.

    It has been said there will be at the start of WoD an "introduction" to the fundamentals of any given class boosted to 90 (not sure about those boosted prior), which if executed well could teach players more than the 1 to 90 is currently providing for many.
    If the players were more understanding that some want to actually learn then the experience might have been vastly different, and the boost might not have been necessary.

    I would argue most of the "convenience" features that are most complained about are necessary due to the behaviour of some players, of which those doing the most whining are often a part of.
    The community creates most of the issues it complains most loudly about.
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    Your forgot to include the part where we blame casuals for everything because blizzard is catering to casuals when casuals got jack squat for new content the entire expansion, like new dungeons and scenarios.
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    T'is good to see there are still people valiantly putting the "Ass" in assumption.

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    Yes, we will, without a doubt, we will receive free level 100 characters as often as we want.

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    Would it matter?

    They're raising the level cap so you (or new/returning players) don't have to do the old content if you don't want to. You will still have to play through the newest expansions content if you want to reach maximum level. If* the expansion after WoD increases the level cap to 110 and increases the boost to level 100 you're still going to have to play through the new content.

    Assuming they chose to increase the boost after each perhaps they would also have a separate tier for the boost. E.g.:
    • WoD Box: Boost any single character to level 90.
    • Sequel 1 Box: Boost any single character to level 100.
    • Sequel 2 Box: Boost any single character to level 110...
    • WoW Store: Boost any single character to <Last Expansions Maximum Level>. (90, 100, 110...).
    Maybe they'll just expire your expansion boost with the launch of the new expansion.

    Maybe you're asking because (like myself) you already have all characters at maximum level and your boost will not likely be used unless Blizzard implements a new class in the future**. No way to know for sure what they'll do here unfortunately. The new monk class for example is restricted from the Scroll of Resurrection level 80 boost which might lead you to believe they'll do the same with a future class. I personally don't think that any new class would be introduced into the game from level 1 - if we get a new class it will be a hero class. Blizzard has stated that they were unhappy with their decision to start monks from level 1 as the vast majority of monks did not make it to level 90. If they did decide to start a new hero class from say level 95 (with a 5 level 'starter' zone) I think it would be unlikely that you would waste a level boost on it.

    If you're asking because you want to save money and skip WoD and wait for the WoD expansion to level boost then why not just skip that one as well? Think of all the money and levelling time you would have saved by the time WoD's expansion's expansion comes out! Now imagine if you skipped that one as well...!


    • *) This is all assuming that they decide to raise the level cap at all. Maybe we'll get a Diablo-style Paragon system. Who knows?
    • **) Maybe we won't get a new class. A new class is a lot of work for Blizzard (art, animation, lore, balancing). I'm not so sure that the next expansion will have another class - not unless they start pruning some of the specialisations out of other classes***. Maybe the WoD expansion will give us sub-races instead of a new class.
    • ***) Might sound preposterous but recent tweets suggest it has been at least considered:
      and, why has it persisted as a pve stepchild for so long, especially when fury can do it all too?
      But overall the design goal for "Why have multiple DPS (or healer) specs in one class?" has proven difficult to answer.
      Maybe WoW would be better if rogues had 1 spec, warriors had 2 and so on. Shrug.

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    I don't think it'll happen. I think the chief reason behind the free 90 in WoD is that leveling 1-100 is a very daunting task for a new player and even so for a player who wants to level an alt but doesn't have that much time. I know personally it takes me about a month and a half to go from 1-90 and that's with full herilooms and so I can't imagine a fresh player coming in and having to go 1-100. That's why the free 90 is good and paid 90s are also good, it cuts down the time to get to level cap.

    The reason you won't see free or buyable 100s after WoD is because there will have already been free 90s and buyable 90s and those will make the jump from 90-105 or 110 manageable enough.

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    Nothing screams 'quality' like saying "Hey kids, give us $30 and you can skip 90% of the game's crappy content and get right to the end!"

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    Who cares, as long as the boost doesn't push a char into "current" content.

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    It is more like after first major patch, $60 for a level 100.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernix View Post
    Nothing screams 'quality' like saying "Hey kids, give us $30 and you can skip 90% of the game's crappy content and get right to the end!"
    Yea because every leveling character runs every vanila raid when he reaches level 60, then runs every TBC raid when he reaches level 70, then wotlk, then cata...

    Oh wait no one cares about outdated content. It's old! It's meaningless!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernix View Post
    While we're at it, let's get some Raid gear for sale. If you're going to go P2W, go all the way.
    If you are going to go full retard, go all the way.

    Boost to 90 is not P2W, the sooner fucktards realise this the better off WoW and these Forums will be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Asthreon View Post
    If you are going to go full retard, go all the way.

    Boost to 90 is not P2W, the sooner fucktards realise this the better off WoW and these Forums will be.
    Explain how it's not P2W.

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    I myself wish there was no need for leveling altogether, because I only enjoy end-game content. I'm sure I'm not the only one, so all these arguing is nonsense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernix View Post
    Explain how it's not P2W.
    I'll tell you why. Because when you're instant 90 you'll still have to level 10 more before you can even "win" anything.

    It's not your level that counts in this game, it's gear. And nobody is giving you powerful gear for free or even for real money. I'll say it again, they could take away leveling altogether and it wouldn't make a difference.

    Or can you explain why it is P2W?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Infernix View Post
    Explain how it's not P2W.
    There is enough time between now and WoD to level a server full of characters to 90.

    Meaning someone who did it the old fashioned way and someone who bought them are starting off at the exact. same. point.

    Explain how it is p2w to start at the same point.
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    Is Diablo 3 pay to win?

    You could argue that you can farm gold/gear 24/7 without using RMAH.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeirAdish View Post
    P2W would imply that you pay and you win...
    When in fact you pay and get a character in blues that is 10 levels behind max...
    I really wish people would stop saying this is P2W when its really obviously not... -.-
    I know mate, common sense is unfortunately very hard to find on these forums.

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