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    Quote Originally Posted by Larynx View Post
    I don't think I've heard anyone complain about MOP being a shitty expansion. All I've heard is how amazing it is.
    I did not like MoP. The only "expansion" I have played less is Vanilla.

    I don't really know why I don't like MoP. It is something about it that makes me go "ugh" after a couple of weeks of activity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noctredors View Post
    If cata was worse than mop, then why did mop lose more subscribers? I think both expansions were horrible.
    10 year old game is 10 years old, but for a real answer- no pvp support, overly repetitive raid cycle of lfr- flex- normal-heroic, where till you get to heroic its just bigger numbers to deal with and even then heroic is bigger numbers and one or two new things but same o'same o.
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    First time commenting here =)
    I have been growing tired of wow since cata, looked on the internet and im not the only one. A lot of people have been pointing out its just rose tinted glasses, community changes, etc. but i remain unconvinced.. surely the game's changes with every expansion contributed too? It will be a long post, a brief summary is at end.

    So i put a little thought and came up with the following, which i think is what caused ME (personally) to dislike WoW more and more. Most of these are from pvp perspective, since that is what i mainly play. the only major pve content i ever did was icc and DS and gotta say DS was so bad its not even funny.. with a total of 8 bosses, only spine is a fight with some apparent new mechanic, all the other fights had nothing new (i only did normal difficulty though..)

    Class homogenized: e.g. all healers get dispel
    Druid and priest very nonviable (and they are my favorite healing classes to play =/)
    Multiple classes became damage bots: mages, lock, and warriors
    Never before have a composition became so rampant: lock/sham/x
    2v2 unbalanced
    Warrior lost its uniqueness in stance dancing
    Low level bg imbalanced (completely broken actually)
    Difficult to 1vN in bgs because of powerful defensive cds and self healing by most classes
    World pvp dead

    A few improvements cata had:
    Balanced at late 4.3, but so does every expansion
    damage and burst is more controllable compare to wrath

    MOP negative:
    Shift in focus to rbg
    2v2 has lost all value beside points (its not about balance, its not even fun anymore to play, with MW monks, double hunter, and stupid similar comps)
    Warrior stances further homogenized
    Low level battlegrounds not improved
    Mw Monk often unkillable in arena, especially 2v2
    cd dependence supreme over positioning and cc
    several classes capable of 100-0 in 3 seconds
    Difficult to 1vN in bgs because of powerful cds and healing by most classes (just like cata)
    World pvp dead
    new level 90 characters are going to have a hell of a time getting conquest points..

    Good side
    Pvp gear promoted in pvp areas - if they implement this in wrath, it would have been very nice

    Wotlk positive:
    All 4 healing classes viable
    Far more diverse compositions
    Most comps can defeat counter comps by playing well
    Warrior at its brightest
    Survival depends on positioning and techniques such as kiting rather than on using cd
    Pressure capable of creating often relates directly to a team’s success
    Reflexes are very important in pvp if you are to interrupt feldom and fast spells result of high haste and bloodlust

    Pve gear rampant, results in high burst (but we have all seen the burst of patches 4.0,4.1,5.0 - 5.2. Wotlk burst is like baby burst)
    Instant casts prevalent (althought not as prevalent as later expansions)
    Beast cleave/tsg, dispel cleave - relative brainless burst/zerg comps (compared to KFC, dk double healer.. i dunno they are all pretty bad)
    patch 3.2: the patch that shut down one of my top reasons for loving wow: twinks.

    TLDR: class homogenizing; mage, lock, warr turning into damage bots; MW monks; no longer capable of killing multiple opponents alone in world/bg pvp;2v2 boring as hell; and removal of twink pvp are the main reasons for me that cata, MOP, and probably subsequent expansions will never surpass the earlier expansions (started wow at patch 2.3, dunno about earlier). Do note that "balance" hardly is a factor in making me hate wow.
    I also admit that a lot of my friends left wow, and i have played this game for a while, but still.. i think changes of the game itself should be considered too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aydinx2 View Post

    Horrible idea.
    In LFR you can literally stand around doing nothing as a dps and as long as you're not on the dmg charts nobody will notice you (someone actually tested this multiple times).
    5-man dungeons require all members to work, especially if they're going to be made more difficult.

    LFR is awefull and they should just remove it and make Flex the first tier of raiding.
    It's not a horrible idea, it would give people a raiding experience without sacrificing the sanctity of end game raids by reducing them to LFR status. I like 5 mans...before MoP..they are a bigger joke than LFR this expansion.

    As far as how good MoP me, MoP is just a step above Cata, but still carebear faceroll crap. I liked Catas theme more but it felt like there wasn't anything to do that whole expansion.
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    Pretty much everything the OP said makes zero sense. Neither of those games were at all "rushed". If you remember correctly we were in ICC one day short of a year. So long as Warlord's is released by the end of summer I will be a happy camper. Anything longer than that I can deal with so long as they aren't lollygagging, which they won't.

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    Blizzard trying to crank out faster expansions has very little to do with how much complaining people do on these forums.

    It is about the money.

    They have the numbers, they know when and why people quit. If they have decided to spend more money, beef up development teams and try and get content including expacks out faster they have numbers telling them they need to. They aren't doing it because they think it will make the game better, if that was how they made decisions it would have been done a long time ago. They are doing it because people are leaving out of boredom.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadlysan View Post
    My 2cents.
    1. PVP sucked, sick of freaking WTFBBQSAUCE1shotmacrostorm into Africa.
    2. Valor caps...... NO
    3. Legendarys for everyone? NO! Give me back my damn drops!(I liked hoarding my DKP to look cool)
    4. Asian panda lore. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    Mists rating for me would be 5/10
    Ill take one shot marcos over just randomly dieing the middle of the game like In wotlk. That one shot marco stuff is counterable. A warlock critting with incinerate into an Conflagrate plus random earth shock was much worse. That was without legendaries btw.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McNeil View Post
    In WotLK we atleast still made raid groups to kill the enemy faction leader, something that has been pretty extinct since Cata.
    I've done twice as many of those this expansion than last expansion, which is when I did do those groups.
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