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    I like being able to survive a lot of crap. Especially in great AoE situations. Also, lots of vengeance is fun. :3

    Thinking of tanking LFR but... no. :3

    edit: oh, and soloing <3

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    I suppose if you asked a shrink they might say I enjoy being a tank because it gives me a sense of power and control I dont get anywhere else. And they'd be right
    Always played a hunter (in fact i have one of every class at 90) but switched to my warrior for my guild due to always having tank issues on our roster. While I occasionally miss my hunter, and I actually still keep him geared up as best I can, as long as I still play wow, i'm going to tank for my guild.

    Also, as others have said, having high health and being able to just waltz right into a pack of 10 mobs and laugh it off is awesome.

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    It's easier to do than the other two roles.

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    Yeah, being in control of a massive raid boss is pretty empowering, even if it does make it very easy for the raid to tell if you screw it up. I never thought tanking was hard per se, but I see soooo many people struggle with it, that I feel I'm doing others a favor for tanking (if that's not too conceited to say) just as much as I'm getting enjoyment out of it (and I have been complimented for my tanking in the past). Feels good, man.

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    I don't, just don't trust other ppl will such responsibility

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    "It ain't about how hard you hit. It's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward, how much you can take and keep moving forward. That's how winning is done!"
    Call to arms, the trumpets sound
    Hand puppets storm the base, flags up now cannons rage
    All clowns head for the rear, slingshots fire to the air
    Toy horses start the charge, Robot chessmen standing guard
    Crossfire to the marionettes, Slip into the edge of death...

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    Because you get to help people and you are sort of the center of attention? Lol, makes me feel important I guess. - My humor site

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    Quote Originally Posted by dryankem View Post
    Tanking is something that I never really got into and I'm curious why people like it.

    Might actually delve into it a little since I'm killing time till WoD. =)
    I enjoy the OP tears of all the QQ I get when I tank. Nothing is more joyfull than to watch the selfentitled and selfrighteous ones writhe in agony when things don't happen their way. I'm not even kidding. And I do tank 'correctly' without trolling people.

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