View Poll Results: Why do you NOT tank?

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  • I dont know stat prio.

    18 2.02%
  • I dont know how to tank with my class.

    36 4.03%
  • I already have a dps and a healer specc.

    125 14.00%
  • I dont feel like i am rewarded enough for tanking.

    345 38.63%
  • I feel that tanking is to hard.

    104 11.65%
  • I feel that it is to easy.

    187 20.94%
  • I hate my class' tank specc.

    55 6.16%
  • I hate don't fancy tanking.

    245 27.44%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #701
    There's too little to improve on compared to a dps where you can always aim for higher numbers plus the game gets more boring the more gear you get which would make farm even more unbearable.

    I also tend to notice other people's mistakes more often when I am in a position with more responsibility which is why I rarely heal as well. I find it easier to focus on myself and how to improve personally as a dps.

  2. #702
    Leveling: its expected to clear as fast as possible. And if you do it like they want, you realize the game is a complete joke.

  3. #703
    Because Warlocks can't tank.
    I would tank dungeons or lfr. It seems there is no tank problem for organised raiding, so there I would stay dps.

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