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    Any solutions for Europeans on Twitch?

    Hello all,

    I'm not entirely sure this is the correct sub-forum so, if it is, sorry mods, wasn't on purpose!

    Anyhoe, until very recently I was using a Chrome Extension called "EU Twitch Lag Fix" or something like that which enabled me to watch Twitch streams in Source quality with little to no hiccups (it used some sort of proxy, idk) but it got discontinued so now I'm back to having to watch streams on Low or Medium and they still do a lot of hiccups and slow downs and, from what I've read, this happens to EU players trying to watch american-based streams.

    So, my question is, does anyone know anything to help solve this? I use Chrome but I don't mind using another browser if there's some extension like the one I mentioned that solves this.

    And before it's asked, I live in Portugal, my connection is a fiber optics wire and my contract is for 100 MB/s download and 10 Mb/s upload (though I usually get 6). And yes, I do speedtest my connection often and it's meeting what has been contracted. I even tried testing it on an American server and it stil got the expected values (and only 100ms, which isn't so bad considering the distance).

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    I don't know. I live in the Netherlands. 100mbit up and down and I get hick ups on source only sometimes (with LoL tournies etc.) and on high pretty much never. Never, ever, ever on low though. Maybe because Amsterdam is more of a hub?

    I use firefox. I don't know about some extention/addon though.

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    Hola is an addon to Firefox that allows you to connect to a VPN on the fly.
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    im on 20mb in the UK, and it rarely stutters, you should try contacting the isp,

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    Twitch depends on the server you get. If u get on the EU servers you have no lag, but during peaktime you most likely end up on US servers.

    That's the reason you lag on twitch. For example try twitch during 6pm, and then once during 4am, you'll notice the difference.

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    Maybe if you have a VPN in one of the countries with a server you get placed in that server more often? Like say a Dutch VPN to the Amsterdam server?

    Maybe Portugal = South Europe = too bad, go to the US server? There doesn't seem to be a southern European server at least.

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    Yea, I think what the extension I had did was proxy me through an US Address so I'd connect through the US servers and hence have no lag.

    And about the hours... I've tried watching streams on pretty much every time of the day and it's always very bad.

    For example, watching the LCS on Twitch is impossible for me. I put it on low and I lag a fuckton. I switch to the Youtube stream on 720p or whatever the max is and I have zero issues.

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    I have the same problems on Twitch since 3 or 4 days. The stream stops every 15-20 seconds and continues after 3-4 seconds. Then it sometimes skips ahead a few seconds, probably because the stream is falling behind. It does that on Source, High, Medium, Low (not on Mobile). It makes streams un-watchable.

    I tried the following:
    - Mozilla Firefox instead of Google Chrome.
    - DSN Flush (ipconfig /flushdns in the cmd prompt)
    - Install Ghostery on Google Chrome (stops tracking)
    - Disabling Ad Block (normally enabled)
    - CCleaner to clean up everything
    - Reset Modem and Router

    My connection
    Download: 62.61 Mb/s
    Upload: 5.71 Mb/s
    Ping: 11 ms
    Connected via LAN (not Wireless)

    I live in the Netherlands. I used to watch streams on Source (and before that on 720p/1080p). I've been watching Twitch for about a year and a half and never had these problems. YouTube is still fine, it's seems to be a Twitch only problem.

    Any tips?
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    Well, funnily enough, and I'm kind of ashamed of saying but, while the Twitch streams lag a LOT on Chrome (even on low quality) I've found that I can watch any stream on SOURCE quality using Internet Explorer and have no issues at all.

    I literally have IE back on my taskbar for the sole purpose of watching Twitch streams.

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    I tried Internet Explorer, but I have the same problem with it as with Chrome and Firefox

    I feel so sad, I just want to watch Twitch, but I can't...

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    I've hardly ever have problems with twitch lag, though I used to before I started using better twitch tv add-on from chrome.

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