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    WoW Ingame Fitness Center

    So, I remember in GTA4 they had a few gyms where your character could go and get pumped up. Would you like to see something like this WoW? Your character could do different fitness routines at set times even if you're not logged on. You could go for a massively sized muscle head, or a slimmed down aerobic instructor type of look. You could also do Pilates or whatever floats your boat. Steroids would be added to the alchemy profession, which would be a great boost to that professions profitability. Tailors could make cute little fitness outfits, and Zubaz pants and muscle shirts for the roidheads. Blacksmithing could make dumbbells and stuff. Engineers could make elliptical machines and treadmills and what have you. Cooks could make protein bars and fitness inspired dishes. Leatherworkers could make lifting belts with sockets for the new 'leetsauce' gems that jewel crafters will be able to cut. Herbalists could gather ingredients for making steroids and other fitness consumables that are not FDA approved.

    Any thoughts on this idea? Feel free to add anything.

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    Too much real stuff for a fantasy world to be honest.
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    This might sound quite obvious, but real gym is kinda better ...

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    Worst idea ever, doesn't fit fantasy genre even one bit. SHOO!
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    I don't see the point to be honest. My warrior could get a better workout and probably build more muscle just taking his two-hander to the training dummies for an hour. I think that's the same for any class which uses their weapons. Now add in walking around in mail or plate armour all day ...

    As to protein bars and the like, I would expect a civilisation like WoW's to be eating a lot more protein naturally, and a lot less sugar and starch (the same as we were in our past). I don't think they'd need food supplements at all.

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    dude what do you think your character does when your not logged in anyway ?

    they go shopping, cook food to eat, go out with friends, watch a stage show or gladiatorial battle, maybe even hit the gym.

    when you log in, its work time, not time for recreation. pft.

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    I don't like it, it doesn't fit in wow.

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    Training dummies = WoW's version of a gym.

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    i would prefer the blizzard's authenticator app on smart phone to track your gps, if you go for a run/walk you earn rest on your alt.
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    Actually, I think the underlying idea is a good one- It would be nice to have more "Immersive/Roleplay" aspects of character customization and development. The idea of a sort of fitness center, I think at it's essence, might hold a key to some new ideas. Progressively working towards and maintaining character customization in a way where it isn't just click this button for X amount of gold and you insta-transform into what you want. I feel WoW has lost so much of its Immersion into the environment and wound up nothing but a repetitive grind.

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    The concept is bad, but the idea of more immersion is nice I'd love to be able to go on missions with other paladins of the silver hand. It'd bring a more warlike feel to game, with quest centering around groups of a certain class completing task and missions together, coming to a finish at the end when all these groups of classes come together for some huge end zone fight.

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    if alchys get to make roids then all my herbalist need to be growing bud . . just saying

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    i would prefer the blizzard's authenticator app on smart phone to track your gps, if you go for a run/walk you earn rest on your alt.
    I personally was hoping to see a lot more real-life tie ins to video games with the technology we have today. Even crafting as a mobile game, or something to do pertaining to your activities in real life. But yeah, I agree it would be cool to tie in fitness since games get such a bad rap for unhealthiness (and rightly so).
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    Ingame fitness center, where we all may wonder why we want to flex pixelated muscles instead of our own.
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    Haven't battle pets done enough damage in terms of wasting development time on useless crap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ballantines View Post
    Haven't battle pets done enough damage in terms of wasting development time on useless crap?
    Not to go off topic, but just because you don't enjoy it, doesn't make it a waste of time. I'd venture that pet battles are one of the more popular features ever added.

    OT: No, as mentioned above, training dummies (and maybe proving grounds?) are the fantasy version of a gym. My character gets ripped by carrying around a huge sword and packing boars to the local cooks.

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    No thanks. Much as I'd love to choose between slim, medium or ripped character models I'd rather it just ba character creation thing.

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    Not interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mokoshne View Post
    i would prefer the blizzard's authenticator app on smart phone to track your gps, if you go for a run/walk you earn rest on your alt.
    I'd like this. I always wanted to earn xp from wii fit points.
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    No, but I am keen on wow allowing you to murder hookers.

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