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    Question Realm Selection Help

    After a long break since the release of Cataclysm, I am thinking about returning to my favorite game. My old main realm has pretty much died off while I was gone and is now just another low population realm with not much going on. I have a few realms I've been looking into and I'd like to get your opinion on whether or not they are good realms. If there is a realm you'd think would be a better choice, please let me know.

    I'm Alliance for the most part, so the realms listed below are more Alliance-based. I'm mostly drawn to Aggramar as it used to be one of my realms back in the day and still seems to be going strong, without being overly crowded.

    Realms I've Been Looking At:
    US-Aggramar [PvE]
    US-Stormrage [PvE]
    US-Area 52 [PvE]
    US-Proudmoore [PvE]
    US-Lothar [PvE]
    US-Malygos [PvE]

    I have no friends who play World of Warcraft, so that's not a factor.

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    Avoid Stormrage and Area 52... both have LONG queue times to join most times of the week. They are even offering free transfers OFF those realms to reduce the pop. In fact, avoid anything "high" pop... if you want to play instead of wait.

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    Proudmoore's not a bad server by any means. No queue but still a lot of people. But yeah, avoid Area 52 and Stormrage like the plague. I had some friends who wanted me to come to Area 52 and I had to turn them down because I'd rather play the game then sit in a queue every night.

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    I would say Proudmoore, it's very high pop but not high enough to create queue times everynight like Stormrage or A52,

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    Don't go to area 52, its wayyyyyy overpopulated and you will experience queue times multiple times a week.

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