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    The little things

    Hi all, I was making my way along the road in Duskwood and I remembered when old Stitches would walk along the road. You would afk for a tick thinking you were safe, come back and you were dead and Stitches walking into the distance.

    Some other little things that used to be in the game or still are that made me either look over my shoulder or have a little chuckle to myself...

    Making your way to the Wailing Caverns entrance and that little hole in path leading down to the entrance, it would always get someone. Same goes for the bit in Blackfathom Deeps where you have to jump over the parts. I always wanted to not be that guy that fell.

    The three elite horde npcs that would go for a stroll in Loch Modan or the horde courier and his mate walking along the road in Arathi Highlands. I do believe there was a horde version of the courier as well.

    I always wondered if bliz kept a stat sheet of these little things that they would bring out at parties to laugh at.

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    I'm looking forward to seeing more things like this in wod. I mean, the little flavor things have always been in the game, especially in MoP, but I know there will be more in wod. ^_^

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