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    Not a chance in hell.

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    Buying new hair colors and style for cash should stick to F2P MMO's. Things like this are one of the many reasons I quit swtor, as I am not a fan of being nickeled and dimed.

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    Wouldn't buy it, wouldn't mind it. I like my toons' hairstyles.

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    I'd do it if said styles/colours were bind on account and cross-race. There are styles on the female dwarf I'd like to see on my horde toons and vice versa. However, I wouldn't pay over $10 for a set (which is why I won't buy the mounts, no matter how much I like the colour changing faerie drake).

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    No, and I really wish that people would stop suggesting other things to be added to the Blizzard store.

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    Nope, I will not purchase anything from the Blizzard store

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