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    Quote Originally Posted by Slowpoke View Post
    5-2=3=half life 3
    Jokes aside i think 7 big and immersive dungeons could wirk out better than 100 shor
    t'n boring dungeons.
    But that would mean that the dungeons are long like Black Rock Depths (7 BRD I would cry happiness)

    My guess is most will end up with really big ceilings and the size of Temple of the Jade Serpent, with about the same length of time to clear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    I shall proceed to offer a drop kick to your post.

    You cannot follow the amount of dungeons released as previous blue posts have stated that content is always on the board, you have no idea if more are to come in the patches.

    7 dungeons, and I'll break your number and say, Versus 14 dungeons - you cannot compare the start of an expansion with the end of another expansion. For now, I praise the designers that there isn't 14 dungeons in WoD - Thank the lords!

    Was hell to find people wanting to do certain of the dungeons in TBC.
    Learn to count you before you are cocky

    Hellfire ~ 3
    Zangar ~ 3
    Netherstorm ~ 3
    Terrokar ~ 4
    CoT ~ 2

    15 hurrrrrrrr

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    Why are you mad about the amount dungeons that WoD will bring? 7 is a decent amount and I couldnt care less if its 7 or 14. I'll be doing those asap and repetitivly anyway to get BiS blue gear and then onto raids, from this point on i won't be doing them dungeons anymore probably.. If they would make 14, I'd rather have them cut it to 7 and spend the remaining time on the raid instances

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    WoD actually has 8 dungeons, confirmed as of late. I do kinda hate that we keep getting less dungeons every expansion, and scenario's don't make it up to me. 5-man dungeons have always been one of my greatest enjoyments in the game, alongside questing.

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    No one cares about 5-mans?

    Who the hell thinks this? Because you only do them a few times whilst levelling? By that logic the zones should all be shit because hey, once youve levelled past them they dont matter, and as we all know only end game matters.

    Fuck off with this shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by anaxie View Post
    Learn to count you before you are cocky

    Hellfire ~ 3
    Zangar ~ 3
    Netherstorm ~ 3
    Terrokar ~ 4
    CoT ~ 2

    15 hurrrrrrrr
    Forgetting Magisters Terrace on the Isle, which was added along with the Sunwell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teebone View Post
    Oh for fuck's sake! This game is almost a decade old.

    Be happy with what you get. Quite pretending it's 2006 still.
    If it was a free to play or a game without a subscription, then its ok... but we are paying $50 for the expansion + $15 a month just to keep playing for what you already payed for.

    So that statement is not acceptable at all, just seems like a lazy excuse.

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    isn't there going to be a level 100 normal version of every WoD leveling dungeon?

    so we're getting four versions of every wod dungeon

    9X-9X normal
    100 normal
    100 heroic
    100 challenge mode

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    Quote Originally Posted by BassZ1890 View Post
    Forgetting Magisters Terrace on the Isle, which was added along with the Sunwell.
    MGT isnt launch content

    Which he was gloating over

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    My thoughts are that there will not be as many dungeons because now we have scenarios as well.

    That and blizz has this thing about being able to add dungeons per patch if they wanted to.

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    Why restart a four month old argument?

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    Only time you'll be doing Heroic Dungeons is the first tier of the expansion at best, some only for 1st week.

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    With how Blizzard have end game set up today, 5mans are not overly important the way they used to be. In Vanilla and TBC, players would be stuck in them as their end game. Today you're done with them as soon as you hoover up the gear they offer. Even in WoD, players won't really be stuck in the 5mans. Unless they are terrible players, ofc.

    And I've never counted TBC as having that many dungeons at launch. Mostly because they weren't really all that unique. Look at the Hellfire dungeons. Different bosses but each one basically looked the same. Copy/paste isn't exactly time consuming At least later expansions, while having fewer, differentiated them more. Unless you're one of those idiots that think "oh, they're all asian looking!" and that somehow makes them all the same >_<

    Sometimes updated...

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    I really love Jaylock threads.

    Imo quality > quantity. But im a bit sceptical as MOP dungeons were awefull.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    My opinion is in my signature.

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    Quality>Quantity, I do hope no one claims MoP dungeons were quality dungeons though
    I make a song entirely about Straight Shota and eroge and this is where you draw the line? -Ken Ashcorp

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    They're supposedly releasing dungeons over the course of the expansion.

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    I know this is a jaylock thread but I decided to play along. This post will probably be buried and no-one will see it but guys... I did the math!

    (i)=instanced boss, (w)=world boss

    In BC every raid had one mode:
    BC Initial Raid Bosses: 24(i) + 2(w)
    BC Total Raid Bosses: 52(i) + 2(w)

    In Wotlk most raids had 4 modes:
    Wotlk Initial Raid Bosses: 18(i)
    Wotlk Total Raid Bosses: 54(i)

    In Cataclysm, raids had 4 modes (not including LFR):
    Cataclysm Initial Raid Bosses: 14(i)
    Cataclysm Total Raid Bosses: 31(i)

    In MOP, raids had 4 modes + LFR:
    MOP initial Raid Bosses: 16(i) + 2(w)
    MOP Total Raid Bosses: 43(i) + 6(w)

    In WOD, raids will have 4 flex modes + mythic + LFR:
    WOD Initial Raid Bosses: 15(i) + 3?(w)
    WOD Total Raid Bosses: ?

    Now lets look at Dungeons:

    BC Dungeon Bosses: 53 at release, 57 total, 2 modes
    WOTLK Dungeon Bosses: 55 at release, 66 total, 2 modes
    Cataclysm Dungeon Bosses: 42 at release, 64 total, 2 modes
    MOP Dungeon Bosses: 33 at release, 33 total, 3 modes
    WOD Dungeon Bosses: At least 31 at release (probably more), ? total, 3 modes

    So my analysis is WOTLK clearly had the most bosses (and more modes than BC), Cataclysm dropped the ball on total raid bosses, and MOP dropped the ball on Dungeons (because scenarios).

    Please feel free to correct my math it was just a quick count.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BassZ1890 View Post
    Forgetting Magisters Terrace on the Isle, which was added along with the Sunwell.
    I'm quite sure people are counting dungeons at expansion launch.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Quote Originally Posted by finskee View Post
    In WOD, raids will have 4 flex modes + mythic + LFR:
    WOD Initial Raid Bosses: 15(i) + 3?(w)
    WOD Total Raid Bosses: ?
    4 flex modes?
    It will be current flex renamed normal and current normal renamed heroic.
    Also LFR and mythic.
    That makes it 2 flex modes, 4 total.
    Quote Originally Posted by Aquamonkey View Post
    Just because Mannoroth and Archimonde are involved doesn't mean it's Legion. They could just be on vacation, demolishing Draenor to build their new summer home.
    Quote Originally Posted by Dundebuns View Post
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    You guys know what's lazier than reusing dungeon theme? Reusing The Whole F*cking Dungeon. It makes my head hurt when people praise the reuse of dungeons and whine about old dungeons sharing theme, for gods sake!

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