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    That's like saying, can FC Barcelona survive without Messi? They can get by as they proved the last couple of months, but they are much better with him. Anyways whats the point of the question? Metzen isn't going anywhere any time soon.

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    I feel many of you are making the mistake of assuming Warcraft's lore is trying to be something on par with literature. It is unabashedly a work of homage, a raw concentrated celebration of various universal human themes and pop culture and archetypes that give a road and a paintjob for the vehicle of Blzzard's video game gameplay.

    And in the same way Blizzard boils down their gameplay as elegant and as simplistic as possible, so too do they do so to the lore. It's just supposed to be raw inspiring imagery, inspiring moments, dramatic moments, without any real exposition at all, that exposition is implied and meant to be eluded to in a way that impressionist painters use out of blurry shapes and blobs that your mind turns into a meadow of flowers lit by an almost photorealistic cadence of sunlight, but if you look at it up close, it's just a bunch of blobs.

    And to judge Metzen as if he's a writer is missing the point and borders on the pretentious when you begin demeaning him as over indulgent and only able to play the same notes. That's kind of the point here.

    Perhaps you feel juvenile or idiotic to enjoy something like that, but people have been responding to it positively for years, and mostly Metzen provides inspiration and pep talks that get the creative team fired up. He creates ideas, not narrative. We're given a hint of this world and our minds bring it to life with more detail and nuance than Blizzard ever personally has demonstrated, but that's kind of the point. We're basically playing a game in a world based on 20th century serialized superhero mythology hybridized with the folklore and myths of human culture, in the same tropes and iconic themes people have come to expect to have presented by the storyteller in an ancient unspoken agreement of exchange. Tropes aren't intrinsically flaws, they are actually in many ways required. And it seems to me that Blizzard just likes a certain very specific and bold collection which you see echoed in religions and sagas and comic books which they retell over and over again with new paint jobs out of a child like geek out, while giving us addictive gameplay that is ergonomic and intuitive.

    It's kind of unfair to judge this stuff the same way you judge an actual fantasy novel, but Blizzard opens their self up to that by commissioning licenced novels from commissioned authors writing glorified fan fiction working with Metzen's enthusiastic ideas to try and give us something worth caring about.

    And let's be honest, if you were a room of college students and 30 somethings geeking out over your favorite comic books and cartoons and novels working on the kind of video games you've always wanted to personally play, and you suddenly exploded with the level of popularity that WOW did, you'd find the idea of having novels and comics and statues and action figures and trading card games and t shirts based on these creations you made pretty cool. It's easy to say it's all done for money, but most of us would love to be in their place I would wager. And not for the money.

    Our subculture of fandom (stemming from the word fanatic let us not forget) is obsessed with memorizing fictional histories and encyclopedia's worth of imaginary cultures and world's and debating hypothetical scenarios, and we seem to be the first generation of adult's who have kept playing with our toys long after childhood. But if you look back at this as a pattern, every generation has been doing this a little bit more and more. Adulthood becomes a second adolescence. The baby boomer's were seen as immature for their love of pop music carried into their adulthoods which used to be a thing teenagers left behind after getting married and having children. Now we're playing video games and will be doing so until we're geriatrics.

    But with our increased emotional sophistication, we expect our media to keep up. But Blizzard deals with a kind of naive and indulgent adolescent brand of storytelling that seems to both paradoxically attract lovers of fiction and disgust them with it's lack of emotional sophistication and exposition. It's meant to be on par with a really cool saturday morning cartoon series. And many of you are using a scale of criticism here that's just way too harsh and unforgiving as if we're expecting a grand work of literary genius on par with it's popularity. The genius is in the simplicity and the summation. Not the sophisticated narrative and intriguing layers of exposition. It's more an appreciation of editing than embellishing and evolving. It's lightning in a bottle. It's shiny. It's colorful, and it glows.

    This idea Warcraft 3 was some peak of quality I think simply comes from it being the first time they really put as much effort into telling a full story, but they've just been telling the same basic story over and over again. If any one of these stories was told in place of WC3's as the original, however the hell that would work without it establishing the history the world is based on, people would probably still be lauding it as much as they praise WC3. MMOs are notoriously difficult for gaming companies to tell stories with, but I think that comes from a timidness and trepidation on the game designer's part, as every added detail and choice you give a player in game's with a complicated learning curve like this risks overwhelming or boring the uninitiated and the apathetic who just want some mindless entertainment via repetitive tasks and rewards.
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    Quote Originally Posted by phenox View Post
    I think it's undeniable that the story, and atmosphere that Metzen brings to the table is pretty good, but what about after him? Can the franchises Blizzard has created survive with out his contributions?
    I reject the assumption made in this statement.

    George Lucas set the table pretty well, then he pretty much trashed the most beloved science fiction story with the worst pieces of garbage in the history of science fiction. Lucas then made the smart decision to hand off the property to a guy who hopefully knows what he is doing (JJ Abrams), or at least couldn't do any worse than Lucas.

    Pretty much a bunch of manatees punching idea balls could do better than the absolute shlock that has been wow since 2009. The comparison of star wars to wow is extremely apt imo - if metzen was smart he'd get the video game version of JJ Abrams to right this sinking ship.

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    The Warcraft story is now boring. They've given both of the factions the same view points, values, beliefs, fears and wants.

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    It looks like he realized Blizzard was going down like the Titanic. He just caught on quickly and is jumping ship. WoW is its own WoW killer.

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    He is good and he's been around since early days of the main 3 franchises. But remember that Sam Didier (and other people Like Mickey Nelsson) been around since the early days as well and been present in the story part of these games as well.

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