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    What's in his head?

    I'm leveling my druid now, trying to get 60 now in Blasted Lands. I can understand why 55-60 levels attack peoples, I do it to and its fun to know if you can beat someone 1v1 or 2v2 or 1v2 at similar levels. And get some honor etc. But I can not understand why there is couple of 90 level players who only fly on his mount and snipe low levels. Maybe one kill like this or two is ok, miss click, didn't checked level and killed before checking... But what about peoples who just fly around and killing everything that moves? No challange, because its one hit actions every time. No power show, because how hard can be killing 30 levels lower player... I don't see anything what can I enjoy if I do something like this. But there is one guy who killed me like 20 or 30 times now and still doing this...
    Can someone explain me how can you enjoy by doing this? Can someone tell me what is in his mind? What he want to achieve?
    Btw. He is arena master etc etc... Why is he harrasing low level players?
    Why there are peoples that enjoy destroing other players game experince?

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    dont try to get logical with high lvled characters ganking low lvld characters. you're not going to have a good time.

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    some people just enjoy making the game bad for others.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NMX- View Post
    dont try to get logical with high lvled characters ganking low lvld characters. you're not going to have a good time.
    Well, I have some time while I'm waiting 2 minutes to get ressurected, so I'm trying because there is nothing better that I can do ;D

    2 more deads. At least, I moved something like 40-50 yards, so its moving forward...

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    Because he wants you to whisp him and insult him, and make fun about it.
    I'm not camping low levels, but i'm killing lvl 90 in world PvP for this reason.

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    ganking is for people who are too unskilled and cowardly for a fair fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Achaos View Post
    Why is he harrasing low level players?
    Because he can.

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    Only times when I kill other lowbies is when they: Have killed my alt in Xv1 OR when another level 90 has killed my alt over and over.

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    Some people are just assholes and do assholish things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Blade View Post
    Some people are just assholes and do assholish things.
    This basically. In my group for CRZ, players just camp the starting zone of every expansion and kill all of the NPCs/lowbies for hours during prime time.
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    how about less qq and reroll pve server?
    hell even for me as a 90er on a pvE server following is to obligue: "its red = its dead" no matter wich level from 1-90 cause were at war if u didnt noticed yet :-P

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    The fundamental environment of the game is war, with Horde and Alliance as enemies. No matter if we have on occasion teamed up for a common goal, we are still enemies.
    Getting ganked by higher levels happens and will continue to happen. Players are still immersed enough to have the mind-set of Us vs. Them. And I like that. Think of it in terms of a low level player as a potential future threat. Take advantage of that future threat now because it's possible that he/she could own you at some later time.

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    I do it to remind people that this is world of WARcraft, and that shit isn't pretty nor polite and that most of us embrace the shalalala kiss the girl of hatred, anger and violence here.

    If people are to reach their character at max level and have hatred in their hearts for the opposite faction, which I believe you should have if you chose to play on a PVP server, otherwise why not just go PVE, this kind of butchery is necessary. Otherwise they get to max level and they're still wimps, calling themselves PVPers because they do Arenas and Battlegrounds, where they choose when they want to be in danger, as opposed to living in fear of danger and being ganked at all times, which is an experience only leveling can grant you.

    If it were after me I'd make all servers PVP and see the WoW population reduced to a few hundred thousand or a million or so, but at least I'd know that these are battle hardened veterans who I can call upon in a world PVP scenario and they won't choose to kill static AI bosses over fighting real players.

    That my friend, is what is in his head.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChaosWolf View Post
    ganking is for people who are too unskilled and cowardly for a fair fight.
    The guy is arena master, so that's quite stupid to say that.

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    Because he has every right to kill you as much as he wants. My suggestion is to park your main where ever you're leveling so that you can quickly hop to it and slay the noob who's camping you. Most people who do low level ganking are the same people who get into twinking, neither require skill, but it looks like you're a badass when you're 1-2 shotting everything.
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    Quote Originally Posted by crakerjack View Post
    My suggestion is to park your main where ever you're leveling so that you can quickly hop to it and slay the noob who's camping you.
    That would be nice, but it is impossible, all my 90 characters are in horde, some of them even on another battlegroup. So I can do nothing about it. Well, maybe I can look for some guild or something that would help, but its hard. Everyone "know" that is better to go to another bg/arena than help guild mates while they have some problems like this ;(
    At least it would be nice be safe in towns and on events like lunar festival. But what can 58lvl npc do against 90lvl player...
    I'm not even mad. I know pvp realms are for pvp so its ok. But some players just over*(?) that and it is...
    * - don't have word for this ;P overtaking? overreacting?

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    Bad childhood or miserable life or both.

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    Losers IRL clearly.

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    I gank people all the time when I'm bored. log on rogue, mess around with sap, kill, repeat. I mainly gank because I know that whoever is playing the character is probably raging and when they eventually make a lvl 1 to tell me how I'm "what's wrong with this game/humanity" I troll them and take SS for later lols.

    Probably not a popular opinion around here but...

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