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    1. Gnomes
    2. Safe zones on pvp realms
    3. FP with stupids routes
    4. Daily cds
    5. Gnomes
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    I've yet to see an argument with Kelimbror make the world a better place, if you catch my drift. Better to leave it.

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    I want to get rid of semi-empty servers. Merge dead servers (in a logical manner) please.

    I also kind of want to get rid of LFR/LFG. It really disconnects you from the world, and everything becomes rather automated and robotic. I liked the old system better, but for it to work it needs lively servers (see my first point).

    Also, I think having mounts and pets buyable for real money is a joke when the game is subscription based. In addition, having them cost as much, or more, as the game words.

    In general, I wish the game would encourage you more to find groups to do various stuff, like having small battles around the world. Instead of boring achievment grinds that really aren't fun at all.
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    Make LFR easier to kick or punish poisonous players who grief and do stupid shit. Less scenarios and more 5 mans! Make 5 mans more challeging! Make scenarios something you do while questing to farm exp, then heroic scenarios and heroic 5 mans at end game. Fix the bad RNG from loot drops for example, you have a raid and no one in your raid wears mail, take all mail loot off boss tables so you have better chances of getting things you actually need! A new class every 2 years, 3 new races Ogres = horde & Arrakoa = Alliance & Ethereal = neutral then choose a faction like Pandaren. All raids and all 5 mans are scale able and you can do them at level cap and you get scaled down to make it challeging and you can join groups in the Raid browser.

    Okay, sorry now it's turning into a wish list.
    A new class every 2 years? Twice as fast rate as we have now? I'm out.
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    may i suggest you check out wowwiki or any similar site, it's Grom that orders the murder of Cairne

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