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Thread: New Gnome Face

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    New Female Gnome has some DSLs haha

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    Quote Originally Posted by Verdugo View Post
    You shouldnt be playing gnomes period
    The same could be said of your posting here. If you don't have something useful to add, don't add anything.

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    The new gnome may be a bit off to what they compared it to, but OPs mini-human is even further from it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blitzo View Post
    New Female Gnome has some DSLs haha
    The height is right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mirishka View Post
    The same could be said of your posting here. If you don't have something useful to add, don't add anything.
    Right back at you. Stop your trolling.

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    if all they wanted to do was update textures they couldve done that in like a month

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Guys. Really? Did you read anything on the Human female? Ya know, the part that said they had an "emotionless face so that future expressions won't be tainted by whatever base expression is given." Chances are, what they showed in still-image form at Blizzcon for Gnome female just had a smile animation on.
    yeah i think alot of people keep forgetting that the only models that are finished are the male gnome the male dwarf and the male orc.

    all others are unfinished and still subject to change.
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