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    1- Arena
    2- Cross Realm
    3- Microtransactions
    4- proc based combat
    5- homogenization

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    I can't really give you specific bad things because I'm too optimistic.

    1. PvP power and resilience. I preferred when you just had resilience and they had not introduced the PvP power. Here we have No. 2 Because of the PvP power and the scaling of the gear the PvE gear wasn't as good as the PvP gear and therefor PvE and PvP became like 2 totally different things. But I can also see why they did this to help people who did not have time to farm the raids like ICC 25HC just to get an OP trinket.

    Although I can see why they did as they did I still think they should set the downed scaled items to the same Ilvl as the current PvP seasons gear and not like the last one.

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    1. Adding raid finder - Mouth breather's route to victory 4 real.
    2. Separating pve/pvp gear - so hard to get a guild raid for pvp - being in a pve guild to raid I sometimes want to do RBG's and can't get a full raid as most people don't have full gear, this has been an issue for me since TBC, pugging just plain sucks and can never find a group that sticks together.
    3. Removing separate lockouts for 10/25 - NO zg/za/kara/icc 10man/ etc etc. on off nights. (flex is just too easy)
    4. Not giving long term subscriber benefits - could be 1% more gold looted for the whole account per month subscribed or something
    5. (Warlords) About to remove reforging - back to disenchanting everything that doesn't have useful stats for my class - great idea
    6. (Warlords) Adding random gear bonuses - nobody is going to want the cleave stat items, everyone will want the same stat loot i.e multistrike/amp stats. Just going to be a longer gear grind for items to drop then roll the stat you want, really going to suck.

    so yeah i added a couple for decisions they are about to make and they are the issues i predict they will cause for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ComputerNerd View Post
    Stop whining about how your "real raiding" is dying, and instead look at how the arrogance and elitism infecting it is pushing people away to LFR where there is less drama and less ego.
    The ignorance in this statement damages whatever valid statements may have been made in the rest of the post. The exact opposite has happened.

    - - - Updated - - -

    (in order of damage caused)
    1) Removal of stats: Defense, Armor Penetration, hit, expertise, dodge, parry, etc
    2) Demonizing high end raiding.
    3) Removing math as part of mastering a class, and virtually eliminating most theorycrafting. Accomplished by removal of reforging, highly reducing gem slots, and all caps and breakpoints.
    4) Stupefying the game/lowering skill caps. Latest example: attempt to remove focus charges instead of the change pushed to live: sharing a 10s cd between pummel and disrupting shout. Blizzard denies/lies through its teeth that they are lowering skill caps and stupefying the game, but facts don't lie.
    5) Half the pvp changes - it seems like half the changes are good, small, targeted changes while the rest come from left field as we scratch our head asking if they've ever played the content to know how foolish a change is. Example: Removal of tanks out of Rated battlegrounds, or random damage buffs to classes that didn't need more damage/burst.
    Quote Originally Posted by Endus View Post
    There is absolutely nothing about having lots and lots of sex that means you're going to have a kid.

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    I don't understand the LFR hate. If you don't like it, don't use it. Simple as that. If you are in a guild who does normals/heroics/flex, what does it matter of some "mouth breathers" are off doing their own thing? NOTHING.

    And the removal of some stats is amazing. If you like that sorta stuff, then we might as well bring back resists and let us reforge those. Can't survive a fight unless you can't hit XXX fire resist so just reforge your other resist stat to that, but you still need to make sure your hit is up so reforge your shitty stat to hit then exp, then you can finally focus on doing some damage. It's brainless. Gems were the same thing, takes more time to remember the name of the damn gem then it is to figure out what stat you need.

    EDIT: Oh and I also love the "i just got a new piece of gear so brb I have to go gem, enchant, and REFORGE EVERYTHING BECAUSE THE ONE PIECE THROWS EVERYTHING OFF."
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