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    Best race architecture?

    Which of wow's playable (or non playable) races have the nicest building style and scheme (Not taking into account poly count or textures)?
    I think the Blood Elves and Worgen have gorgeous buildings. Sadly the time-worn look of gilneas doesn't make sense in most other places. The Draenei also have nice architecture but they feel to me more like sculptures you can live in than actual buildings. What are your opinions?

    This might be the first time where Not every alliance building is human and not every horde building is orc in nature. If you could choose, what sort of villages and hubs would you put in WoD?

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    I don't play dorfs, but their buildings are best. Sturdy underground halls without any stupid things. 100% practical and still comfy. I would like to have my WoD garrison being just one dwarven fortress.
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    Night elves and dwarves. The medieval-ish human architecture is also kind of romantic to me.

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    That's easy. The Dwemer have the best architecture. Also, their automatons are sweet.

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    I really like Draenei, worgen and undead buildings/architecture, most of the classic orc and tauren architecture is really not that appealing to me though.
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    Can't beat the dwarven look. I'm also diggin' for the trolls.

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    That's easy. The Dwemer have the best architecture. Also, their automatons are sweet.
    I'll change to this.
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    I quite like Night Elves architecture.

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    Forsaken for Horde, Gilneas for Alliance.

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    Personally I really love the Blood Elf architecture. Just looks breathtaking imo and takes your mind away to some awesome fantasy setting. Second and third would be Dwarf and Draenei architecture respectively. The Dwarf architecture is really practical and looks very warm and cozy. As for Draenei I really love all the crystals and shapes they incorporate.

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    Everything I dont see 90% of the time. Currently as a horde player I cant stand Orcish/Pandaren architecture. I am starting to spend more time in Thunder Bluff but that is slowly getting to me aswell. I guess they are all very cool in their own way but I just hate to much of it. As long as I can switch it up and not be bound to stand in one capital for more than a couple of weeks at a time I am good. Just not blood elf architecture. Eeew.

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    I liked the post-Cata orc style. Won't be sorry to see more of that going forwards - big slabs of dark iron covered in spikes.

    Also like the dworfs and their deal, my favorite dungeon art-wise is probably still Blackrock Depths. There's just so much in there!

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    I love Mogu architecture, It sucked that Throne of Thudner was so worn down would have love to see the palace of Lei shen in it's prime.
    Mogu'Shan Vaults and MoguShan Palace were awesome too.

    For lesser races I'd say Blood Elven architecture is the best since it's just so bloody majestic and magical.
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    New forsaken architecture is cool.
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    Forsaken and Dwarf are the best in my opinion.

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    Dwarven architecture for sure.

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    Qarth, the greatest city that ever was or will be
    Tuskarr, no contest.
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    hard to not like the dreary Victorian era style the Forsaken and Wrorgen have. after that it's Orcs and goblins with the spikes and the neon lights.

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