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    What's your Noodle Time scenario record?

    Just out of curiosity, what's your personal Noodle Time solo scenario record? (Please add a screenshot for proof)
    I will be tallying up and adding a Hall of fame! (Just for fun!)

    If you wish to time your run, download a boss addon such as Deadly Boss Mods (not 100% sure if Big Wigs keep track of time and records like DBM) and you'll be good to go.

    4:26 for me! Still haven't been able to beat my own record for a while


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    Dont remember tbh, did it once then forgot about it.

    Pretty quick when I figured it out I guess?

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    When I used to run it for extra cooking tokens I managed to get it complete with bonus usually in about 4 minutes each time depending on the RNG of how many extra hungry panda's came along.

    Its very easy so long as you are proactive and are already preparing the next persons food the moment you see them running in so they have it in front of them the moment they are seated.

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    I've had the quest in my log for months now. Every time I try to finish it, the patrons seems to bug out. Can't select which patron target to throw the noodles to, or can't even make the noodles to begin with. Hopefully it works one of these times and I'll be done with it.

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    there's a noodle time scenario?

    i assume this is part of the cooking dailies when you've mastered all the cooking disciplines
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    Quote Originally Posted by smokii View Post
    there's a noodle time scenario?

    i assume this is part of the cooking dailies when you've mastered all the cooking disciplines
    It's that noodle cart-thingy recipe you get from timeless isle. Quest chain.

    I did it on my shaman, not completed it on my hunter because i wiped (loll) on the dungeon quest boss and you can't run back to instance if your group has already left. Cba to run that instance again every day to try it. In fact i did not even remember that noodle cart scenario before reading this thread... I just completed it once and forgot it afterwards.
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    3:46, which I have done three times now. I saved a screenshot. I'll go through the trouble of uploading it if anyone else actually replies with a time. I do these every day because you can get free mats for the noodle carts, which sell big on my server.

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