View Poll Results: Will you preorder WOD without info about exact WOD Beta and release dates?

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    Nope, unless I see how it turns out

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    I'm not 100% sure if you're asking if I'll pre-buy it or buy a second annual pass, so I'll answer both. Yes, I'll pre-buy it. I know I'll play it for a couple of months anyway, might as well get the early 90 boost and mount. As for another annual pass, it'd have to be a really compelling deal. I hated Diablo 3 so the xpac and a mount probably wouldn't convince me.
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    Depends on what they give us with the Annual Pass. Personally, I think the last one was worth it for D3 alone, as I had already PLANNED to stay with WoW for another year and wanted D3 anyway. And unlike the vocal minority of the game...I rather enjoyed D3 :P
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    if the pre order goodies are worth a shit then yes
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    I'll be preordering the WoD physical CE, and if they offered another Annual Pass with anything like what they offered the last time I'd most likely do that too. I don't see myself quitting the game or taking a break within the next year, regardless of when the expansion drops. My guild is still working on heroic Juggernaut and we've got a long way to go before we're done.

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    If you are going to be getting WoD regardless of when it comes out and you have the cash to spare at the time why not preorder it? I will.
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    Of course. I know I'm going to get it anyway so why not preorder?

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    I've sub in 6 month chunks since since it knocks the $15 a month to (iirc) $12 a month, effectively giving you a month for free every 6 months compared to the month by month sub model. The annual pass made no difference to my sub, other than I got a mount and D3 for free. I would definitely sign up for it again if I could get the D3 expac for free.

    Kind of bummed they didn't offer it this time around.

    Edit: Title got me! Since this is directly about the WoD pre-order, meh, not strong opinion one way or the other, since I'll be doing the digital download just like MoP. Only decision is CE or not.
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    Pre order for sure. But not any special editions. Makes sense to buy it when it's more convenient for me rather than after launch.

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    I have stopped pre-ordering stuff overall .... not just Blizz stuff but anything ....

    I dont like the whole *pay for alpha-beta test* and the silly pre-order bonuses this is esp. the issue with full new games, but i have included expansions also just becurse im sick of the whole thing...... might not help anything but we need to try and stop this.

    Again ... this is not related to a specific company, and i be happy to buy the games / expansions when they are released .... even CE if i feel like it :P

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