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    The In-Game Shop Button...

    I would love some kind of clarification on this...

    Why were people perfectly happy with the existence of the store as a website, but as soon as you get an in-game version of the exact same thing, there is a massive uproar about it and all kinds of people come out of the woodwork? I honestly do not understand.

    How does the mere presence of an in-game button offend people so much? It is literally just saving anyone that wants to buy a store item a few minutes of time. Did you buy something from the website and now everyone has to go through the same grueling process? What? Does it ruin their immersion because instead of literally coming out of the game and going to the internet to have a pet mailed to them, they can now stay in the game and just press a few buttons?

    Seriously, help me understand!

    (Note: I'm not a massive fan of the store at all, though it doesn't really affect me so I'm not too bothered by it.)

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    Probably had something to do with out of sight, out of mind.
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