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  • They should Disband.

    38 28.79%
  • They should remain as they are.

    6 4.55%
  • They should return to being the Warchief's personal Bodyguards.

    18 13.64%
  • They should be merged with the Siame-Quashi as Vol'jin's bodyguards.

    12 9.09%
  • They should be the new orc leader's Bodyguards

    23 17.42%
  • Kor'crunchies.

    35 26.52%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyattbw09 View Post
    I'm not so sure that the Kor'kron were Garrosh's personal anything as much as they are/were the Warchief's personal soldiers. They were created by Thrall with the express purpose of being the unquestioning sword arm of the Warchief. They are not advisers or soldiers of the Horde, they are the personal weapons of the Warchief no matter who that Warchief is, that is what they do and who they are. If the Warchief ordered them to surrender to the Alliance they would, in theory at least if the Warchief ordered them to fall on their swords they would, and if the Warchief tells them to put down a rebellion they would.

    Blaming the Kor'kron in the same way you would lay blame at the feet of Garrosh, is kind of like blaming a knife when you cut yourself.
    Well re-created by Thrall, but otherwise yes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alundra View Post
    ...Maybe I'm high but I could have swore someone (a dev) mentioned that the Kor'kron followed Garrosh to Draenor?

    Might have imagined that though.
    The most fanatical individuals might have yes, otherwise if they were true to their oath and word, they'd step down and follow Vol'jin the second he became warchief.

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    MAybe they will be new enemies in WoD UBRS dungeon.
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    I hope they stay as an organization much like the defias, just to compare it to one. One which is hellbent on following Garrosh's ideals. The Horde as a whole could have a fraction of it, but it should be compossed of every race and for every race, not just the Warchief. I can see Vol'Jin starting something of the sort.

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    They were all or mostly killed off so it really wouldn't be disbanding the organization, just choosing not to resurrect it. If Vol'jin had any bit of sense he would not name his private guard after the people who lined members of his race up gestapo style and had them executed.
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    Nothing will happen to them.

    They are all dead.

    I killed every. Single. One.
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    AS far as i know Kor'Kron are Warchief personal soldiers. They answer only to him and swear obedience besides anything else. I think those who survive should go with Thrall to Draenor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felarion View Post
    AS far as i know Kor'Kron are Warchief personal soldiers. They answer only to him and swear obedience besides anything else. I think those who survive should go with Thrall to Draenor.
    Thrall isn't the warchief.

    Besides I can see how that conversation would go... "Oh yeah... Sorry... I know we swore to be loyal to you and die for you and all that jazz before you turned the horde over to garrosh and he ordered us to kill you and we laughed as we swung our axes at your face, but uh, our boss is dead and working for you is better than being unemployed so... Can we go with?"

    Really it's better off that the Kor Kron all died in the battle and ceased to be a thing.

    More than likely some of the survivors will prolly be in warlords STILL helping deadbeat garrosh in this ludicrous plot by bad writers. Afterall the whole premise is garrosh taking current tech and weapons and shit into the past right? Well i'm pretty damn sure garrosh is too retarded to know anything about engineering or as a matter of fact anything that requires any intellect, he would NEED followers to pass on this information to others.
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    Kor'Kron =/= SS.

    SS: Created as a personal body guard. Evolved into an armed wing. Evolved into divisions, a little army.
    Kor'Kron: Created as personal body guard. Evolved into an elite armed wing. Formed in divisions.

    Damn it blizzard.

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    Is there any Kor'kron left?

    As for the name it should not suffer any great disgrace any more than the Praetorian guard did when they had to bodyguard crazy roman emperors

    Dont forget the many battles the Kor'kron fought and won in northrend and other places why should it all be thrown away?

    Yeah the parallels with the SS is understandable but that regiment was formed with the nazi party not corrupted by it

    The Kor'kron was fierce and loyal soldiers before Garrosh and there deeds should not be tossed away becuase of a dark chapter in the regiments history!

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    What part of "victory or death" was unclear to you?

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    I imagine they'll be disbanded, most will most likely follow Garrosh to Draenor and those that are left may be loyal to Vol'Jin and the horde but i imagine they'd be disbanded for their past actions. They might just be reformed though and reduced in size again to pre-garrosh times. Pretty sure that Vol'Jin will form his own bodyguard formed of members of all races.

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    All orcs should be given two options, death, or deportment back to Outland to live on their own homeworld.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theatre View Post
    What part of "victory or death" was unclear to you?
    garrosh's part lol

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    Vol'Jin will probably reform them as an elite force like the 7th Legion, but all races are allowed to join, and the Orc's who do not like that will then go to Black Rock mountain and be The True Horde.

    Sounds exactly like what happened in Vanilla with the Black Rock clan but you can see it happening.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Byne View Post
    I hope the kor'kron who were guarding Undercity were unaffected by Garrosh's corruption of the organization and form the core of the new kor'kron.
    one blue said they purged the kor'kron from undercity but lacked the ingame resources to show it

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