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    Ill go buy an account from someone with a couple of lvl 90 on it instead ..

    They better check out the price and dont make it too expensive

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcureanddisease View Post

    1) ""lack of new players, so getting a level 90 and hitting the new content is aimed at fixing that problem, which is partially caused by the leveling experience being pretty bad for new players"" SOOO hitting 90 and not knowing wtf to do wont be a bad experience? Going into LFR and being kicked for doing 19k dps at lvl 90 wont be a bad experience???? Please explain your logic here

    2) ""PvP is horrifically unbalanced"":: LOL its been unbalanced since, oh, idk, the beginning of WoW -_- but im sure a new player with a instant 90 can queue up for a BG and start owning up the place. He/she will have a great time >.>

    3) ""the commmunity in dungeons is pretty toxic"" It is??? Oh im sure it'll be less toxic with a fresh 90 whos never played the game before trying to tank or heal for the very first time.

    4)"" You skip that and you increase the chance they will keep playing the game"" ... You skip that and you kiss your chances at learning your class/the game properly thus the never ending cycle of bads who dont know why they suck

    1. The game is hardly complex. You learn how to play whilst leveling from 90 to 100. That leveling isn't done in a day, and it often takes as long as it does to hit level 90 from 1 due to the boosts fur current players. It's also pretty obvious that leveling doesn't automatically mean people won't play like crap either, or we wouldn't see so many complaints about bad players in LFR.

    Abilities you gain at the level cap often dramatically change the capabilities of your character also, as does hitting certain plateaus in terms of stats, which you cannot adapt to until you are actually level capped. You do not suddenly stop learning once you ding level 100.

    2. I don't even think you've understood me here. PvP is unbalanced whilst leveling in the sense that you are 1 shot from specific classes with gear. It's not that bad near or at the level cap. I also don't see how leveling from 1 to 90 would even remedy your attempt at hyperbole.

    3. People learning to play their class is part of leveling from 90 to 100. Expecting people to know how to play when they've just started playing is part of the reason the community is so toxic; people like you place unrealistic expectations on others then flame them when they can't meet those expectations. New players need to learn how to play their class, and they do that by grinding the last 10 levels questing, and even at the level cap in heroics and raids for the finer points.

    As I said in point 1; WoW isn't complex. If they cannot learn how to perform well enough in 10 levels of questing to the cap then they won't learn it during previous expansion content. The bulk of the game isn't so difficult that it requires flawless execution from every player; that is heroic raiding.

    4. See above. You've argued under the pretence that hitting level 90 means you will lose the opportunity to learn anything. You have ample opportunity to learn when grinding the last 10 levels to hit the cap, as it will take days/weeks. The only issue is with people such as yourself holding unattainable expectations, or projecting your own inability to learn how to play at a decent level within the time it takes to hit the level cap from 90, or expecting people to be heroic raiding ready as soon as they hit the cap.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkvoltinx View Post
    anything less than $50 is too cheap

    Anything over $25 is too much imo.

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    People are soo in denial. They've sold a single helm with no stats for 15 dollars. A server change for 25. A 90 boost wont be less than 40.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nivis View Post
    On the other hand, they won't make it cost just as much or even less than a simple race change. Sure, they could lower the cost of all the other services, but I don't think they will anytime soon.
    I'm not sure. If your level 90 is decked out with 12-16 slotters, they may make it the cost of a race change. I mean realistically... leveling's never been my time sink; bags, flying, etc. has been.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBWarriors View Post
    The fact that people think like this makes me sad.

    This is why Blizzard is milking this audience for all its worth now days, because people don't mind being milked.
    So let them be happy. Some people don't mind paying a premium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Baar View Post
    Anything over $25 is too much imo.
    A part of me agrees, but I feel like EQ2's version of this ($35) was very fair. I guess it'll depend on what the level 90 gets in terms of bags, flying and gear, for me to have an opinion.
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    A race change is $25, and that's super simple. I think $50 is reasonable. (Not that I'll be doing it.)

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    That sounds really expensive.

    I mean, considering the massive time save, it's not that outrageous, but it just seems weird to have it priced 33% higher than a whole expansion.

    Ah well. Probably wasn't going to do it before, definitely won't do it now. More power to you if it's something you want to do.

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    I think any in-game service can't cost more than a game itself (unless it's F2P, then there's other rules completely).

    So it has to be <= $40, from the logical standpoint.

    Noone is going to do a "fair" calculation of how much it would take you on average to ding 90. Lol. What about those crazy people who level in 2-3 days?

    They will have to price it reasonably. I.e. the service needs to be accessible, but not necessarily "fair" from the viewpoint of people who have paid for the time to level their current 90s.

    Price it "fairly" but inaccessibly high (e.g. $55+ is just a LOL), and noone would buy it. It would still be cheaper to buy a 2nd copy of the game and get a free 90 boost with it.

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    Im gonna go ahead and bump this so I can point and laugh at everyone here who said I fabricated this dialogue. The price for a paid 90 is 60 dollars, or as the rep told me, more than their other services at the moment::

    EDIT::: Also a message to those who said they would stop playing the game if it was more than 30 dollars. Please unsub now. Thank you very much.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xcureanddisease View Post
    Im gonna go ahead and bump this so I can point and laugh at everyone here who said I fabricated this dialogue. The price for a paid 90 is 60 dollars, or as the rep told me, more than their other services at the moment::

    EDIT::: Also a message to those who said they would stop playing the game if it was more than 30 dollars. Please unsub now. Thank you very much.

    Did I miss something? Did we get a confirmation on price?

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    We're not going to do this here.

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