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    Quote Originally Posted by Nodata View Post
    It should only be available if you already have a max level char. IE death knights. Then it should be cheap. No more than 25 bucks. Reason being: trying all classes boosts the longevity of the game considerably, therefore it's a win/win.
    FALSE!(insert Dwight picture here)

    Reason? If its cheap, you'll have everyone buying their toons and therefore burning the game for you in the process. Buncha people buying their way in and it will die really fast. Leveling/questing is a TIME SINK and a CLASS TUTORIAL. These are the sole purposes of leveling/questing. WoW Needs time sinks otherwise people would be finished with the xpac in a handful of months and they'll lose subs. They'll need to develop content at an impossibru rate.

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    You can level alone for free, why it needs to be cheap?

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    This is being discussed in an active thread here:


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