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    We recently started doing heroic and we killed Norushen in under 10 - 12 attempts and we decided to aim for H: Immerseus and we went into 2nd phase (1s intermission) like only once or twice in about 30 attempts.

    But we have severe problems with the adds during the first phase here as you can check the logs:

    Any recommendations to make it easier or happen better?

    We have a tank tanking the boss away form the raid and a healer on the other platform focusing only on tanks and rest of the raid is on the 2 other platform away form the tanks.

    When adds spanw after the blast the tanks witch happens and the off tank takes the adds in front of the boss but not in front or where the other tank i tanking the boss. And we aoe them but we seems to have issue don't really know what to do at this point any pointers?
    Early on, we handled adds in a simple way: When your debuff hits 2 stacks, you get off the boss and kill adds. If you're melee, single target adds that try to gangbang healers.

    Remember: If you tell people "2 stacks" they'll remember to switch at 3. That's why we started out telling people "2".
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    We used the tactic of having one person tunnel the boss being constantly dispelled, a couple of others getting a few stacks and AOEing, and one on pretty much constant AOE duty.

    Quote Originally Posted by Dasani View Post
    Also it might make the enrage timer kind of a problem if you get multiple sets of adds a couple of times, especially since the adds seem to bug 90% of the time at least once per kill. Blue blobs sometimes just crawl up to the edge of the pool and just sit there. They won't merge with him or anything and you have to wait for that phase to time out and twiddle your thumbs, which can hurt beating the enrage timer if your dps is already low and this shitty ass bug seems to happen on at least one split phase every single week, sometimes it happens twice. Only seems to affect heroic but shit it's in there all the time.
    Happened to us last night. Cost us a kill. Was pretty pissed off about it. Thankfully we kept pushing and finally got our first kill on him

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