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    SP are in a great place.....

    What I mean to say is, when they were coming out with SP talents before MoP and Ghostcrawler was saying that SP were losing ALL their heals, but then we got a few back, wow, that was such a victory for us. Arent we the greatest and isnt Ghostcrawler just the best. Didnt he say he mained a Holy Priest?

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    I don't PvP since I find PvP terrible in WoW. ... If you play frost in PvE you can have bad RNG forcing you do either mana gem or pop your Invocation early.
    Sorry, thought you were talking about PvP because the Shadow doesn't really mana problems in PvE.

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    With Shadow you can get OOM from spamming Mind Sear alone, like for example can happen on Siegecrafter 25 Heroic (depends a bit on your composition and your fellow raiders tho).
    Blizzard's stance on it is that going OOM from Mind Sear is the raider's fault. Having to manage mana at all sucks, but its fairly minor so I'm totally fine with it.

    A couple of VTs + Shadowfiend at the right time eliminates this issue.

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    VT is also amazing when you have to do massive amounts of off healing (like Flash Heal and Binding Heal) something I remember doing on Gara'jal.
    Shadow Priest off healing isn't really supposed to fly normally. Its clever and can save the raid from a wipe, but its meant to be have marginal utility.

    When the raid needs extra healing, I usually just pop VE + DP + MF:I; kind of like a pocket Tranquility.

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