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    If I'm talking about it, I pronounce it "Karasang", but when typing in guild chat or something I usually just say "the Wilds"
    I don't bother trying to spell things if I don't know how to 100%, and I can't be bothered to open the map and check, hate having to retype :P
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    People have dyslexia to verying degrees, and this being a word they have never seen before, it would be easy to jumble the letters up.
    Also this, personally it's bad enough for me to have to retype words because I wrote it backwards
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    Jester Joe? More like Jester Bro. Got my back.
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    Jester Bro indeed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disgruntled Penguin View Post
    I've never called it anything other than Krasarang, but back in TBC, I went through the whole expansion calling Nagrand 'Nagarand'.
    Well, 'Nagaland' would be Zangarmarsh.

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    The one that gets me is Y'shaarj - Blizzard devs pronounce it as 'Yah - sha - raw - z'. But until I heard one of them pronounce it, pretty much everyone just went with 'Yuh - sarge', lol.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Felfury View Post
    I've never seen anyone call it Karasang.
    Yes I was thinking the same thing when I saw the thread title

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