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  • Armor models

    10 4.50%
  • Story

    8 3.60%
  • Garrisons

    59 26.58%
  • "Harder" heroic dungeons

    21 9.46%
  • Class changes

    28 12.61%
  • Environments

    17 7.66%
  • Non-raid/pvp endgame

    2 0.90%
  • CC reduction

    1 0.45%
  • Character models

    65 29.28%
  • Other.

    11 4.95%
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    What feature are you most interested in seeing in beta?

    When beta comes, what content are you most interested in seeing?

    I'm personally interested in seeing the armor models.
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    Garrisons full-stop. I want to know all I can about them, test all I can about them, and (hopefully) get some of my pet desires fulfilled upon with them.
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    They have new features in WoD? Garrisons instead of player housing will be salt on an old wound for players when they see how bad its gona fail... and it will fail... just saying
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    Armor models, Character Models, Animations, Environments, Class Changes, Harder Heroic Dungeons and thats it
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    Mainly the Enviorments.

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    Class changes as always. Seeing what new shiny things I have to work with will be interesting.

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    Why isn't questing an option?

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    Toy Box.
    Inventory changes in general.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MCBGamer View Post
    Why isn't questing an option?
    Because I forgot it (and inventory changes)

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    Definitely character models, but I might be a little biased.
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    The models. Garrisons are just Farm2.0 and a lot of other stuff isn't really changing.

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    Models. And new pet battle stuff, it something is added right away.

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    models + armor
    garrison and building stuff
    class redesign - if there would be any...

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    Garrisons. I really want to play with the Garrison UI and get a feel for what all I can do with 'em.

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    So hard to choose! Just thinking about it gets me tingly inside my stomach. If anything it would probably be the new models then garrisons.

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    You didn't list "new stats."
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    new models! The only thing I'm really excited for.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trydene View Post
    So hard to choose! Just thinking about it gets me tingly inside my stomach. If anything it would probably be the new models then garrisons.
    Haha feel ya! Except I'm more excited about the Enviroment and Questing. The new world overall. Exploration has always been my favourite aspect of the game.

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    The Patient
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    Garrisons and any change to healing.

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