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    Favourite WoW musical track?

    So I've been thinking about Warlords of Draenor and Mists and all of the previous expansions really in terms of music/soundtracks and direction/feel of each sound in each one.

    I thought I'd ask the rest of the community what is their personal favourite expansion for music and why, and then a specific track from the games history that makes you tingle AND finally, whether you think the quality in music has gone up or down since Vanilla and finally what you think the general theme of the music might be in WoD.

    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?

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    I should probably answer it myself first

    1. Wrath

    2. Login screen theme from Vanilla

    3. Has it's ups and downs but overall it's gone down a little I think. Loved the querky tracks in Mists and 'Jainas Homeland' is in my top five, disliked the Wardrum-esque from siege.

    4. Hopefully not the poor orcish-themed music we had in Mists. I didn't really enjoy much of TBC soundtrack either so I hope it's all improved upon! EDIT: I just gave the WoD music overview a listen and I'm given a huge amount of confidence.
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    1. Wrath

    2. Invincible - World of Warcraft : Fall of the Lich King

    3. Got worse I think, nothing memorable from MoP

    4. Probably more boring orc warthemes that do everything but get me in the mood for killin' things.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sociology View Post

    3. Got worse I think, nothing memorable from MoP
    World of Warcraft - Jainas Theme is really quite good.
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    1. WotLK, it's long enough to fit the best bits in, and the end is just amazing

    2. I have more than one
    Totems of the Grizzlemaw for now though, mainly because of the first couple of minutes

    3. Each expansion has its good music and bad music, wasn't a fan of soundtracks in Cataclysm, apart from Firelands I guess, but again it's for the first couple of minutes

    4. More Orc drums and war themes, but on the other hand there will be lots of great Draenei music, like the soundtrack on the site for the Temple of Karabor

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamie081 View Post
    4. More Orc drums and war themes, but on the other hand there will be lots of great Draenei music, like the soundtrack on the site for the Temple of Karabor
    That's a good point. I hadn't thought of that. Suddenly I feel a lot better.
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    Liked music from WOTLK, Cata and MoP alike. Obviously, gameplay > music and MoP has Cata and Wrath beat in my opinion. My fav music will always be the Grizzly Hills main daytime theme and the Invincible song. The kazoo inn music from MoP ALWAYS manages to put a smile on my face.
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    Wrath of the Lich King - Howling Fjord, Grizzly Hills, Storm Peaks etc.

    Stranglethorn Vale particularly at 2:10 into the song until the end. Puts me into a nostalgic trance. Unable to move. Zombified nirv over here.

    Decreased after Wrath

    Seeing as how Blizzard has been reusing art assettes for the last two expansions really, and how they're aiming more towards Free To Play, I think the sound quality is going to decrease. You could tell the Sound Panel at blizzcon 2013 were all sweating bullets and I wasn't impressed at all with their presentation. They know it's over.

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    Wrath, easily

    Probably Arthas, My Son, still gives me chills after 5 years

    Hard to say. It's still amazing, but it's not the same. Or maybe it's just me who haven't been paying attention

    I want drums. Loads of drums, we need drums. Big wardrums

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    1. Wrath
    2. Way of the Monk (MoP)
    3. The soundtracks have always been excellent, one of the most underrated parts of the game (as soundtracks usually are)
    4. Expecting a lot of TBC leitmotifs to reappear

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    1. Cata (Nightsong is just too good)
    2. Nightsong
    3. Didn't change too much it's still amazing and because Jason Hayes is back I think it will be great. Also Jaina's Homeland!
    4. Savage! I would like to see some more Draenei themed tunes.

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    The original login screen music was the best.

    Music quality is possibly better overall, but I find alot of newer ingame music to be too 'dramatic'. I prefer vanilla/TBC style where it was really more ambient than big scores.

    Though I'm really liking "Magnificent Desolation" and "The Clans Join" from WoD so far. I would expect to see more of this style.
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    1. Vanilla, possibly nostalgia, it's just a feeling rather than objective assessment.

    2. Seasons of War and the original login screen music, it just gets me for some reason even after all these years.

    3. I think the quality has improved, but the style (mostly for MoP) isn't necessarily to my liking.

    4. ... primal and errr, primal stuff. Did they mention the primal theme?

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    They've all been awesome, really great atmosphere every time. Wrath and Mists especially, Cataclysm a bit less since it wasn't one unified continent.

    1. Mists. I just love the music when you fly through the zones and places.

    2. Might be this:

    3. Definitely increased, quality wise. What sort of atmosphere you like best is subjective, but quality wise it's better.

    4. Savage music, so drums and tribal music I figure.

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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?
    Mists of Pandaria - The wide range of music it had. It wasn't just full of Pandaren themed music, although that music was great and still felt like it fit in Warcraft to me.

    The patch music was great too!
    5.1 - Awesome Horde and Alliance music.
    5.2 - Awesome Kirin Tor and Sunreavers music, Zandalari music, and Thunder King music all mixed together.
    5.4 - They took the sha music from early in the expansion and expanded upon it and made it epic and redid Horde and Alliance music to make it more war-like.

    Also, Wrathion's legendary questline themes have been fantastic. (Including the rogue legendary in Cataclysm.)

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?
    Say what you will about the raid encounters of Dragon Soul, but all of those music tracks are still my favorites in the game. The awesome Deathwing themes, End Time, Well of Eternity, Aspect themes, Old God/Twilight's Hammer themes, and in that same patch the awesome Darkmoon Faire music.

    As far as a specific track? I suppose I'd go with "Thrall Earth Warder"

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    Definitely increased over the years. I still love music from Classic, TBC, and Wrath. But it took a huge step up starting in Cataclysm in my opinion.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Considering the wide range we saw in Mists, I expect to see a wide range once again, with very different themes for the orcs, ogres, draenei, arrakoa, etc. The music they've shown us so far is already really great. They seem to be remixing some music from TBC when appropriate (Black Temple), and great new themes as well.

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    1. Wrath because most of the music I like is within my expansion, but my favourite isn't in Wrath.


    My most earliest memory of WoW is making my Night Elf Warrior, and the very first music I hear is this, so majestic, mysterious and beautiful.

    3. Sound quality, increased but style, it's slightly decreased in my opinion, but really depends what kind of music you prefer and if you enjoy the expansion overall, like with Cataclysm I almost hated it all apart from Nightsong, and with Mists I liked 50/50 of it, but some raid music was abit... urgh.

    4. I hope to hear more Draenei music, and looking forwarded to the Arrakoa music.
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    I like the silvermoon music, dalaran and howling fjord. Forge of souls has some hilarious music.

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    1. Wrath of the Lich King. Most of the music in Wrath had a traditional folk sound to it, and I love that. Ebon Hold, Storm Peaks, Howling Fjord, Grizzly many awesome tracks.

    2. It's really hard for me to pick a favorite even from Wrath of the Lich King alone, but the first thing that comes to mind is Howling Fjord. I went there first in Wrath, and I love that track. I pause my Winamp playlist and crank up the in-game music when I'm there. In fact, this track is IN my Winamp playlist.

    I still get chills when I listen to that.

    Dun Morogh is going to be a VERY close second, even though it's not from Wrath. My first character in WoW was a dwarf, and that music helped get me hooked on the game.

    3. No. If anything, I believe the quality of music in WoW has improved.

    4. I think we can expect an amazing soundtrack in WoD. Cinematics and soundtracks are two things Blizzard never gets wrong. I'm hoping to hear some more Draenei-themed music.
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    Currently loving this ingame. Could hang out with the Shado-Pan all day for this.
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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    Hm , thats hard. Every expansion had very good music themes but i guess for nostalgic and personal reasons i would pick TBC.
    I really liked the way Matt Uelmen did the compositions and ambient tracks.

    But i also liked their approaches with asian themes and some songs where Jeremy Soule was involved i think? Some Elder Scrolls vibe going on in for ex. Serpent Riders and Shado-Pan

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    There are so many good tracks but the one that always overpowers me is the track Russell Brower & Derek Duke did for ICC:
    Its just like a force grip!

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?

    It has improved. The sound team got better and better , to be honest Blizzards sound team hasn't done anything thats bad in my eyes. Across all games that is. I list some songs that i think show that every expansion was treated the same way and were different.

    Burning Crusade:
    Wrath of the Lich King:
    Mists of Pandaria:

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?

    I may expect some influences from WarCraft Soundtracks , wc2-3 most possible. Possible a lot of drums/deep bass like in The Clans Join. Maybe some wooden instruments. I also really , really hope that they get Matt Uelman back on board. ◔_◔

    Something like this:

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    I'm having a lot of fun listening to everyones favourite track.

    I really think the WoW sound teams efforts aren't celebrated enough.
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