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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?
    Easily WotLK

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?
    Uhh... favorite soundtrack? There's so many... I guess either Invincible or Nightsong

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    Definitely hasn't decreased. The Monk Windwalker theme is one of my favorites.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Well, some soundtracks for it are already out there. It's what I expected, more TBC music.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arrowstormen View Post
    4. Savage music, so drums and tribal music I figure.

    Wow I just gave that a listen.

    I suddenly feel so much more excited for Warlords of Draenor!
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    These are the best threads!

    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?
    Either Vanilla or Cataclysm, those had the most solid soundtracks.

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?
    I am so glad you asked!

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    The composers have done an equal job if not better since vanilla.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Probably some darker themes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by metasine View Post
    These are the best threads!

    I agree!

    Also, I had totally forgotten that track existed. I'm usually so depressed going back into Hyjal because I'm levelling yet ANOTHER char. But when you listen to the track seperately you realise how good it is.
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    Haven't heard WoW music for a while since I stopped playing at the end of Cata but Highborn Lament and some other one with High Elves singing are my favourites.

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    Not even a contest:

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    Yogg P3 Music, only fully played during this Phase and totally epic.

    Starts as the usual ulduar stuff, but then really kicks in.
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    The music that plays during Bolvars ascension to the Frozen Throne.
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    1. Wrath. All around had some great music

    2. Either Tinker Town

    or Grizzly Hills

    3. I think it increased in quality until Cata. Neither Cata or Mists had the music Vanilla, BC, or Wrath had.
    *Edit* I take that back. Mists had some good stuff, but they all sounded the same. Not just in that it was the same instruments, but they all seemed to have the same underlying pattern.

    4. I'm optimistic. Drums and "savagery" are relatively easy to do. Definitely has potential for some really epic pieces.
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    1. not sure... but I didn't quite like Cata-music
    2. there are a few: grizzly hills, call to arms, legends of azeroth are 3 I can think of right now
    3. different but not better or worse
    4. not sure. I never expect much.

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    Storm Peaks theme.. just love it. Its the only time I will put the music on.

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    1. Cataclysm - loved the music of the revamped zones, enjoyed it tremendously while finishing off every zone's quests.
    This is closely followed by Wrath, if not tied.
    MoP's soundtrack is very good overall, but I don't have anything to distinguish: I can sum it up as generally good, without something that shines in particular.

    2. Hard to choose... Tauren racial music from Cataclysm is one of them for sure, The Illidari from TBC, Grizzly hills & Howling Fjord's tracks.

    3. Quality as steadily gone up since vanilla, peaked around Wrath-Cata, and now stabilizied, with ups and downs, but staying at the same (very high) quality I expect it to stay at.

    4. I expect drums, tribal and menacing music coming from Orcs and Ogres.
    Maybe music that fits open wilds, and wilderness for the zones themselves: something menacing, yet enchanting, fit for a lone explorer of the wilds.
    Mystical, mysterious music for the Draenei, Arakkoa, and maybe Shadowmoon Clan.
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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    It's been overall good

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    Hopefully it won't be the typical *drums, war,orc* music. I'm over that
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    this is art to say the least :

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    1. Arguably Wrath. All expacs had amazing tracks, Wrath just had the most.

    2. Impossible to say. I have nearly all tracks on my phone and way too many favorites.

    Grizzly Hills, Howling Fjord, Ulduar, Storm Peaks, Wotlk theme, Way of the Monk, Krasarang, Heart of Pandaria, TBC intro, Vashjir stand out, as well as many others from the old classic zones. I get nostalgic just by thinking of them.

    3. Music is the one thing Blizzard never fails to excell at. For me and most others, Wrath had the best soundtrack but it was also generally the favorite expansion. It's impossible to say if the quality has gone up or down because it all depends on what kind of atmospheric music you like. Many dont like asian music, although quality wise I think it was great.

    4. Well, I didnt think the SoO music was very good or epic enough, so lets hope they go with something interesting and not the usual Orgrimmar drums and stuff.

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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    Definitely Wrath.While I was initially torn between Wrath and Cataclysm music-wise,Wrath ultimately as a whole expansion has much better music even though Cataclysm's tracks are arguably of better quality.The reason to that is because the credit for Cataclysm's brilliant "heroic" tracks go only to its launching patch (initial zones like Mount Hyjal,zone re-vamps etc.) and patch 4.3,while Wrath had brilliant tracks throughout the entire expansion,from the initial Grizzly Hills and The Howling Fjord,to Ulduar and ICC.

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    [Insert around 5-7 Wrath tracks here]
    Wrath just has too many for me to pick one and put here,so I'm just gonna insert 4.3's soundtrack and leave it be:

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?

    Since vanilla every expansion heavily improved the overall music quality until MoP. Apart from Chinese themes,it added nothing new to the existing fantasy-soundtrack WoW had. Also,apart from a few good soundtracks (like "Watchers of the Wall"),the music in MoP was basically the same. But that's just my opinion though.

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?

    Nothing but masterpieces. From what we heard so far,music in WoD could turn out to be fantasic .The zones allow for a lot of variety,and the whole "savagery" and "wildness" allow for some pretty "wild" and "savage" tracks.

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    Most definitely this omg the nostalgia blast from the past CRITICAL!
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    The Whole of the Classic and Wrath soundtracks! The immersion, nostalgia, character! It brought the zones to life! Cata was ok in places. Deepholm and Hyjal were awesome. the rest easily forgotten though.

    TBC was ok for what it was, desperate, desolate, barren and alien.

    MoP I turned off though. Obnoxious, intrusive, all the inn music sounded like it was taken from Bullseye the darts tv show and The hozen music just grated on me. The whole theme made my teeth itch. Kun Lai may be the only one I actually liked.

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    Wrath was the best Soundtrack by far. My favorite song is "Arthas, My Son".... goosebumps everytime.

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    1. Favourite expansion for music theme-wise &why?

    Wrath of the Lich King, pretty easily. It had good ambient zone music (Howling Fjord), dungeon music (Ulduar) and even battle music (Yogg Saron). There was a wide variety of really well-made tracks. It was never too repetitive or generic either.

    2. Favourite individual track from games history &why?

    This is almost like a parent choosing a favorite child. WoW probably has the best soundtrack out of any game. I would say Ulduar's theme is my favorite:

    I honestly think this is the best dungeon theme not only in WoW, but in any video game. To put it in perspective, it blows the Stone Temple theme from Majora's Mask and Phendrana Drifts from Metroid Prime out of the water (in my opinion at least). It's just such a well made fanfare with such a recognizable and memorable melody, perfectly suiting the dungeon itself. It is so underrated in my opinion. That moment when I first heard it in the Cataclysm login screen music....

    3. Do you think the overall quality of the music in WoW has decreased/increased since vanilla &why?
    I feel like it has increased from Vanilla to BC and again from BC to WotLK. Since WotLK, the music quality has been pretty consistent. Mists of Pandaria is a really strong contender for the best expansion music. For example:

    Holy crap!

    4. What are we to expect from WoD music, do you think?
    I hope the music isn't too focused on one particular type. It would suck for an ENTIRE expansion's track to be primal orc/troll type music, for example. So far, they have been doing a good job of keeping a broad range of music in each expansion rather than a few particular styles.

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