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    They could have just let you deal with a 35+week season like at the end of Wrath and Cata. Seriously the ONLY reason S15 is even happening is to make sure S14 wasn't ridiculously long while waiting for WoD. Be happy they are upgrading the iLvls at least. And think about the PvE options at this point. PvPers are getting a new season with new rewards to chase. PvE players are being told to just keep running SoO and be happy about it. -_-
    All this complaining is simply further proof that Blizzard could send each and every player a real-life wish-granting flying unicorn carrying a solid gold plate of chocolate chip cookies wrapped in hundred dollar bills, and someone would whine that Blizzard sucks for not letting them choose oatmeal raisin.
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    If your guild demands you slip into an elephants butt and force yourself out in a regurgation then you can't blame Blizzard for supplying the elephant.

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    If we aren't getting new armor models can they downscale the new gear to 522 item level in arena. Rather then have 550 item level gear. They should just tweak what they know is broken.. rather then have a new season where damage is silly again.

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    Who gives a fuck, all their armour since wotlk has looked like dogshit and almost everyone transmogs it. They could put out armours that look like barney the dinosaur and I wouldnt care.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarien View Post
    Alliance get the Grievous set in the horde red color, and vice versa I believe. There is a tweet from Holinka about it somewhere.


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    Will the new Elite gear look the same as the Alliance and Horde versions are the same?

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    They are getting more lazy every next PvP season.

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    why would they spend the time to create all new gear - when there is a new expansion coming out -

    "hey, stop working on the new expansion so you can make us new gears for PvP" - said no one. ever.

    think people, its not that hard.
    Well you can add that to everything. It works in both ways. If they want to make a new PvP Season they should at least make new armors(like it was always), instead of giving us the same crap.
    "Hey, stop working on the new raid tier, just recolor items and add more stats, and give us new expansion asap!"

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    I'm pissed that they did this. They said we have an arena season in our back pocket and we assume its going to be new models or at least something different maybe even a new color because thats how its been with new seasons since forever. Yet here we are getting the short straw with just colors being swapped literally its just changing ilvls to 550 and swapping models with horde/ally. Ultimate lazy mode activate Kappa should have at least added a troll face somewhere on the armor to show how lazy they are being.
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